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Design study for the creation of a Water Fund for Mombasa City

Tender / Procurement notice
1 Авг 2020


1 Август 2020

Срок подачи

31 Август 2020



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AFD - Французское агентство развития (ФАР)

Расчетная длительность

10 месяцы





Organisme acheteur : Agence Française de Développement

Correspondant : SGN/DCP, 5 rue Roland Barthes, 75598 Paris cedex 12, FRANCE.

Tél. +33 153443131. Fax +33 144879939. Courriel : hetainn.ext@afd.fr. URL : https://www.afd.fr

Site du profil d'acheteur : https://www.marches-securises.fr

Objet du marché : Design study for the creation of a Water Fund for Mombasa City

Type de marché : Services

Lieu principal d'exécution : Consultant's Head Quarters and Kenya (Mombasa and Nairobi)

Durée du marché ou délai d'exécution : 10 mois.

Type de procédure : Procédure adaptée

Date prévisionnelle de début des prestations (fournitures/services) : 14 décembre 2020

Critères d'attribution : Offre économiquement la plus avantageuse appréciée en fonction des critères énoncés dans le cahier des charges

(règlement de la consultation, lettre d'invitation ou document descriptif).

Date limite de réception des candidatures : Lundi 31 août 2020 - 18:00

Langue(s) pouvant être utilisée(s) : français; anglais.

Informations complémentaires : SGN/DCP , à l'attention de SGN/DCP , , FRANCE.

URL : https://www.marches-securises.fr/perso/AFD_75/.

Demande de documents : SGN/DCP . , à l'attention de SGN/DCP , , FRANCE.

URL : https://www.marches-securises.fr/perso/AFD_75/.

Envoi des offres ou des candidatures : SGN/DCP , à l'attention de SGN/DCP , , FRANCE.

URL : https://www.marches-securises.fr/perso/AFD_75/.

Minimum Profile/Consultant Requirements

Key core staff included in the application should demonstrate experience, knowledge and capacity in the following:

- Experience in strategic planning, analysis, and assessment of ecosystem services and hydrological modelling (including relevant modelling tools/methods) for environmental and infrastructure projects;

- Experience in the successful development of documents used for fundraising purposes, or similar products that demonstrate the Return on Investment of a proposed project for social, environmental and economic interests;

- Equipment, personnel, and expertise required to complete modelling, analysis, and writing deliverables described in this document;

- Knowledge of and experience with nature-based solutions and financing mechanisms, preferably Water Funds, in similar contexts;

- Experience in financial analysis of grey and green infrastructure investments;

- Experience in institutional analysis and the definition of governance arrangements;

- Knowledge of the geographical study area and relevant stakeholders. It is preferred that the successful applicant demonstrate prior experience with the specific area and stakeholders, though experience from similar contexts is also desirable;

- Experience in the development of communication strategies and stakeholder convening and articulation, preferably in the geographical study area or in similar contexts;

- Experience professionally coordinating with different stakeholders in the public and private sectors and with civil society organizations to achieve desired deliverables

Basic Requirement for the Key Skills Sets and Roles

Team Leader: The holder of this position should hold a higher degree training in Agriculture, Water Engineering, Natural Resource Management with at least 12 years post training experience part of which must have been in undertaking work relevant to this project. The candidate will need to demonstrate good experience or past experience in articulating ecosystem services. While not a requirement, it would be advantageous for the candidate to have experience or project

management knowledge in the water sector in the greater eastern Africa region. 2 credible referees will be required for the candidates CV.

Hydrologist: The suitable candidate will need a higher degree in Hydrology and at least 10 years practical experience in undertaking similar analytical work to that described in these ToRs. Practical experience in running hydrological models like SWAT would be a requirement for this position. Good experience working in watersheds analytical work for basins with inadequate river and meteorological data sets would be an added advantage. It will be expected that this person will be responsible of gathering the data needed for modelling work, running the models and providing mapped outputs of the priority areas for conservation investment and corroborate the model outputs and data with the economic analysis team to produce the most optimal cost effective investment models. 2 credible referees will be required for the candidates CV.

Economist: The suitable candidate for this position will hold a higher degree in economics, financial management or business with at least 10 years post- graduation relevant experience. The candidate will need to demonstrate past experience in valuation of nature or ecosystem services preferable at basin level. Good understanding of economic analysis models for computing return on investment, Payment for ecosystem/ Watershed services would be required for this position. 2 credible referees will be required for the candidates CV.

Institutional and Networks Lead: The holder of this position will need at least graduate studies with 7 years relevant experience evaluating institutional arrangements and developing models for new organisations with multiple stakeholders' base. The candidate will also need proven experience in outreach, building networks across partners as well as excellent communication and writing abilities for high level policy and stakeholders' engagement. Good understanding of how to engage all aspects of gender and age groups in the final institution will be needed. 2 credible referees will be required for the candidates CV.

Other Required Skill Sets: Consulting team may propose other skill sets deemed necessary to effectively accomplish the described work.

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