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Housing Development Finance Corporation – Nominee Director

Страновая программа/ План действий
Tender / Procurement notice
21 Май 2019


21 Май 2019

Срок подачи

3 Июнь 2019


22 660 USD

Тип тендера

Индивидуальные консультанты


SC 112752 MLD


ADB - Азиатский банк развития (АБР)

Расчетная длительность

12 месяцы



Date Published: 21-May-2019 Deadline of Submitting EOI: 03-Jun-2019 11:59 PM Manila local time

Selection Profile

Consultant Type Individual
Selection Method Individual Consultants Selection (ICS)
Source International
Technical Proposal Not Applicable

Selection Title Housing Development Finance Corporation – Nominee Director

Engagement Period 12 MONTH

Open to non-Member Countries No

Additional Information

Possibility of contract extension Not known

Possibility of consideration for downstream assignment Not known

Indefinite Delivery Contract (IDC) No

Country of assignment Maldives

Contact Information Project Officer Manohari Gunawardhena
Designation Investment Specialist
Asian Development Bank
Email mgunawardhena@adb.org

Publishing History

Type Original
Publication Date 21-May-2019
Published By Keecia Bianca R. Binaohan
Duration of Advertisement 14 DAYS
Deadline 03-Jun-2019
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Cost Estimate

Cost Items Amount in USD

Remuneration and Other Expenses
All activities and inputs in the TOR but not limited to remuneration, per diem, air travel, miscellaneous travel expenses, report preparation, production, and transmission, land transportation, communications, etc. 20,600
Contingency 2,060

TOTAL 22,660

Terms of Reference

Expertise Banking regulation, Banking and finance

Expertise Group Finance and Investment
TOR Keywords Finance, Investment, Maldives

Source International

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment ADB seeks to support the strengthening of financial markets and corporate governance standards to non-
banking and banking institutions in emerging Asia.

The purpose of the assignment is to serve as an independent nominee Director on the Board of a non-
banking financial institution (the only dedicated housing finance company) located in the Maldives for
which ADB has provided an equity investment.

Scope of Work The scope of work will be to serve on the Company's Board, providing strategic direction with key
emphasis on corporate governance, engagement with the country’s regulators, and feedback on technical
issues (capital markets, legal and regulatory matters) as needed. As an independent Director on the
Company’s Board of Directors, the consultant will act in the interest of Company and assist it to run as
a profitable business. The Director shall work for 15-20 working days intermittently over a period of
twelve months.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output •Be fully conversant with the Shareholders Agreement and any other related agreements to become familiar
with provisions governing ADB's investment in the Company.
•Regularly attend Board meetings and important related meetings (in the latter case, exclusively in the
capacity of Director) in person (minimum 4 board meetings per year).
•Instill highest level of corporate governance structures in the working of the Company.
•In advance of any meeting, review and become familiar with all materials circulated in respect of such
•Vote or, as applicable, abstain from voting on matters proposed for decision by the Board and ensure
that the Director's vote is appropriately recorded in the minutes.
•In voting, be conscious of ADB's interests as a shareholder, but only in so far as these are congruent
with the interests of the Company.
•Take appropriate notes at each meeting and retain a copy of each of the minutes.
•Seek to be recused from voting on any matter in which the Director has personal involvement.
•After consultation with ADB, but not otherwise, consent to nomination as a member of one or more Board
committees and, in such capacity participate actively in any committee work to which the Director is
•Recommend that the Company obtain legal advice in the event of removal of senior management from
office, in the event of any major corporate action or in the event if its insolvency or bankruptcy, or
if it is sued.
•Observe relevant laws and/or code of practice applicable to the role and conduct of a director in the
relevant jurisdiction.
•Assist the senior management in the engagement of key stakeholders of the business, including the
•Work closely with planning and strategy formation work of the company.

Minimum Qualification Requirements Degree: Bachelors/Masters
Previous board experience will be preferred.

Regional/Country Experience Required
•Has substantial experience in dealing with regulatory bodies in emerging markets but specifically in
Asia / South Asia and preferably in the Maldives.
•Has good experience in the following areas:
•Corporate governance matters
•Legal and regulatory issues
•Capital and Budgetary Planning and Control
•Strategy formulation and planning.
•Understanding and experience of capital markets transactions inemerging markets.
•Risk management in the emerging financial markets.
•Understanding of banking and non-banking financial institutions in Asia / South Asia or emerging
markets (understanding of the Maldives market will be advantageous).
•Understanding of the capital market regulations (knowledge of Maldivian regulations will be beneficial).
•Knowledge of housing finance dynamics (understanding of the Maldives and attendant legal and collateral
structure market will be useful).

Minimum General Experience 15 Years

Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment) 7 Years

Regional/Country Experience Required

Schedule and Places of Assignment (chronological and inclusive of travel)

Schedule Type Continuous

Max. Working Days/Week
Home Office 5
Field 6

City and Country
Working Days
Estimated Start Date
Estimated End Date
Other Details (use if place selected is Others)
Home Office, Other
Home Office, Other