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Supervision obras Defensor del Pueblo

3Anexo 1DESCRIPCIÓN DE REQUISITOS Contexto de los requisitos“Contratación de Servicios de Empresa para Supervisión de Obras Civiles del Proyecto Defensor del Pueblo

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UNDP   21 Янв 2020 30 Янв 2020
North Consultant on monitoring - National

Under the direct supervision of the Coordinator of the transportation system and UNDP/GF TB Programme Specialist, the Consultant will provide practical and technical assistance in monitoring, evaluation and adjustment of the implemented transport system (implementation period: July-December 2019), in order to improve access to quality diagnosis and treatment of TB in Talas, Naryn, Issyk-Kul and Chui oblasts of the Kyrgyz Republic


UNDP   21 Янв 2020 3 Фев 2020
Peru Integrated Health Networks

The Integrated Health Networks Project of Peru has the objective to (i) improve the resolutive capacity and quality of public First-Level Health Services in Lima Metropolitan Area and Prioritized Regions; and (ii) increase the capacity of the Single Health Information System and the public sector’s pharmaceutical products and medical supplies provision system....


WB 157 830 000  USD 21 Янв 2020
2020 Afghanistan Pakistan CN

Concept notes should cover a project that will only provide service in Pakistan, or only in Afghanistan; the countries should not be combined. PRM's mandate is to provide protection, assistance, and sustainable solutions for refugees and victims of conflict, therefore PRM will consider funding only those projects that include at least 50 percent of the following target beneficiary bases: - In Pakistan, concept note activities should primarily support Proof of Registration (POR) cardholding refugees. - In Afghanistan, concept note activities should primarily support registered refugee returnees.

Афганистан, Пакистан

USSTATE 2 000 000  USD 21 Янв 2020 17 Фев 2020
Health System Enhancement Project - S 19 Legal Expert for Quarantine Unit

• Identify all existing domestic legislation, regulations and other instruments relevant to the international health regulations 2005. • Specify any legislation, regulations and other instruments which may potentially interfere or conflict with full or efficient implementation of the international health regulations 2005. • Review the Quarantine Act and regulations, and other acts/regulations of Ministry of Health and other Ministries/Departments, identifying sections of these legislations requiring amendment.............

Шри Ланка

ADB 11 654  USD 21 Янв 2020 3 Фев 2020