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Supply of MAIZE SEEDS for rainfed season

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) invites you to submit an offer for the supply of MAIZE SEEDS for rainfed season to be delivered to FAO Malawi


FAO   13 jui 2020 22 jui 2020
COVID-19 Response Emergency Assistance Project - IC-8 Environmental Safeguards Specialist

The consultant will be engaged to oversee site audits, support with data gathering at national level and

prepare activity screening reports, Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) reports with associated

Environmental Management Plans (EMPs) and Corrective Action Plans (CAPs) for any activities categorized

as B, carry out supervision and monitoring of the proposed activities identified and prepare semiannual

social safeguards monitoring reports.


ADB 57 930  USD 13 jui 2020 22 jui 2020
COVID-19 Response Emergency Assistance Project - IC-2 Procurement Specialist

The consultant will support executing/implementing agencies to facilitate efficient and transparent procurement of the project. This includes, but not limited to, processing of procurement of goods, works, non-consulting services and consulting services such as preparation and examination of bidding documents, preparation of IFB, evaluation of Bids/REOI, etc leading to timely awarding of contracts.


ADB 99 789  USD 13 jui 2020 22 jui 2020
North Macedonia-Skopje: Portable computers

Procurement of laptop computers.

Macédoine du Nord

EC 3 090 000  EUR 13 jui 2020
North Macedonia-Skopje: Fruit, vegetables and related products

Fresh vegetables and fruits.

Macédoine du Nord

EC   13 jui 2020 10 aoû 2020