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Water Resources Development Investment Program - Project 2 - 09 MEW/WRDIP-P2//ICS026

i) Supervising the works in accordance with the programme and procedures established by the Sr. SCE; ii) Checking the Contractor’s setting out of the works and, if appropriate, issuing instructions to proceed; iii) Checking the Contractor’s works to ensure compliance with drawings and other contract requirements.............


ADB 26 523  USD 21 jan 2020 30 jan 2020
Provision of Catering Services to UNFPA in South Africa

Objective: UNFPA, through its Regional Office for East and Southern Africa, plans to sign a non-exclusive Long Term Agreement (LTAs) with food service provider(s) for the provision of catering services for events such as meetings, conferences, workshops etc. for events to be held at 9 Simba Road, Suninninghill, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Afrique du Sud

UNFPA   21 jan 2020 20 fév 2020
Provision of Hotel accommodation for OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Uzbekistan


OSCE   21 jan 2020 31 jan 2020
ENABLING LARGE SCALE GAS AND POWER INVESTMENTS IN MOZAMBIQUE (ELSGAPI). Consulting Services for preparation of the Technical Design of 400-kV Overhead Transmission Line (OTL) SONGO-MATAMBO and update of Environmental Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)

The construction of the Songo - Matambo 400-kV transmission system was identified as the strongest and efficient solution and become more competitive cost wise for the success of the Mozambique - Malawi and Mozambique - Zambia 400kV lines considered as Regional Transmission Projects and also create the positive economic and social impact on the Mozambican Government Program designated Energy For All (Programa Energia Para Todos) with a continuity of secured power supply with quality and accepted quantity. Songo – Matambo 400-kV is part of the Sistema de Transporte de Energia - STE Project where Feasibility studies and relevant documents have been conducted and are available.

Malawi, Mozambique, Zambie

AfDB   21 jan 2020 10 fév 2020
Provision of Catering Services to UNFPA in South Africa

We kindly request you to submit your Proposal for Provision of Catering Services to UNFPA in South Africa.

Afrique du Sud

UNFPA   21 jan 2020 20 fév 2020