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To support UCH2030 Advocacy work for the UHC Day Campaign [2019/019_HIS/IHP_Adv.UHCDayCamp]


WHO   24 jui 2019 15 jui 2019
Belgium-Brussels: IPA - Supervision for the Closure and Rehabilitation of the Existing Landfills in Peja/Pec Region

Supervision of the works for the construction of the following: — Lot 1: Closure and rehabilitation of the existing landfill cell in Peja/Pec and Construction of the new landfill cell in Peja/Pec; — Lot 2: Closure and rehabilitation of the illegal dumpsite in Istog/Istok. Successful implementation of the construction works shall be ensured through provision of adequate supervision services and support during the testing and defect liability period in accordance with the EU PRAG conditions.

Kosovo, Belgique

EC 850 000  EUR 24 jui 2019
Hiring Firm to Research on Digital Transformation of FMCG Supply Chain Operations and Payments in Bangladesh Challenges, Opportunities and Way Forward-UNCDF.


UNDP   24 jui 2019 11 jui 2019
North Macedonia-Skopje: Tyres for heavy/light-duty vehicles

Tyres for special communal vehicles, passenger cars and construction machines.

Macédoine du Nord

EC   24 jui 2019 31 jui 2019
Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation: Supporting Capacity Development Needs of CAREC 2020 (CAREC Institute Coordinator)

Scope of Work The CI coordinator will assist with overall TA 8301 administration and monitoring, and coordination with CI and concerned ADB units. The consultant will be reporting to the project officer handling CI matters under the CAREC Secretariat.


ADB 10 000  USD 24 jui 2019 30 jui 2019