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Geräte zur Elektrikerausbildung für Pakistan

Lieferung von verschiedenen Komponenten für die Ausbildung von Elektrikern in Pakistan. Lot No: 1 Power Tools – Electrical Lot No: 2 Power Tools – Motors Lot No: 3 Power Tools – Transformers Lot No: 4 Power Tools - Splicing Lot No: 5 Measuring Tools – Meters Lot No: 6 Measuring Tools – Indicators & Inputs Lot No: 7 Measuring Tools – OTDR


GIZ   9 abr 2020 24 abr 2020
United Kingdom-East Kilbride: Foreign economic-aid-related services

• meaningful electoral reforms early in the electoral cycle and effective coordination between the Independent Elections and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) Judiciary, Office of the Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP) and Parliament; • Kenyan institutions to improve on standards achieved in the 2017 election, and incorporate lessons learned for more effective planning, management, strategic communication and stakeholder engagement to build public trust; • an enabling environment that leads to more women, youth and persons with disabilities (PWDs) turning out to vote and elected to representative posts;

Reino Unido, Kenia

DFID 7 500 000  GBP 8 abr 2020
Human Capital Development Capacity and Implementation Support - Procurement Specialist

Scope of Work The specialist will work closely with ADB project officer, Ministry of Education (MOE) and other relevant stakeholders to assist in the final stages of project processing for SESIP and deliver the tasks/outputs detailed below.

Sri Lanka

ADB 29 000  USD 9 abr 2020 15 abr 2020
Developing Impact Evaluation Methodologies, Approaches, and Capacities in Selected Developing Member Countries (Subproject 2) - Geographic Information (GIS) Specialist

Undertaking rigorous impact evaluation can be quite challenging requiring specific expertise and technical knowledge in the conduct of field work surveys, stakeholder interviews, data collection and data processing and analysis. Given this, the TA will require inputs of a national consultant who will support the IE team in the application of Geographical Information System (GIS) in selected impact evaluation studies proposed by the DMCs. The GIS Specialist will: (i) collect and produce descriptive statistics on the existing geo-referenced data of selected ADB financed investment /infrastructure where IE study is being undertaken, (ii) clean and organize the geocoded databases, (iii) generate maps for analysis and visualization, (iv) support the development and processing of night light data on select sample projects, and (v) provide analytical inputs and contribute in writing draft reports on the IE study.


ADB 6 017  USD 9 abr 2020 15 abr 2020
Field Testing Kits for Revenue Authorities of Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda

The project aims to build the capacity of Customs administrations and other law enforcement agencies in East African region to prevent illicit cross-border movement and diversion of those 14 precursor chemicals and other components used to manufacture IEDs.

Burundi, Rwanda, Kenia, Tanzania, Uganda

EAC, UNOPS   9 abr 2020 20 abr 2020