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Support for the Implementation of Labor Reform in Mexico

This TC will provide technical support to the loan "Program to promote better working conditions in Mexico". Additionally, the TC will provide key inputs for the government for the implementation of an important labor reform.


IADB 200 000  USD 20 Jul 2019
Punjab Intermediate Cities Improvement Investment Project - Cons 3 Operational Design and Business Model (ODBM) Consultant

The project requires to recruit the ODBM Consultant (the Consultant) to provide technical and operational/management support to the municipal corporations.


ADB 1 724 138  USD 20 Jul 2019 19 Aug 2019
Provision of an Automated Voting System at IFAD

The Office of the Secretary (SEC) of IFAD has been tasked to explore the development of an automated voting system, that expedites the ballot counting process and increases workforce efficiency while ensuring vote secrecy.


IFAD   20 Jul 2019 13 Sep 2019
Tourism Strategy and Action Plan for Jamaica: Promoting Resilience, Sustainability, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Perform a comprehensive diagnostic of the travel and tourism inbound industry in Jamaica considering the potential impact of climate change, technological change, and the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in making a more competitive destination.


IADB   20 Jul 2019 31 Jul 2019
Liquid Scintillation Counter for Central Veterinary Research Centre for Sudan

The System shall meet the following functional and performance requirements: 2.1.1. Suitability for 3H and 14C activity measurements in food and environmental samples; 2.1.2. Manual/automatic calibration for 3H and 14C; 2.1.3. Accommodate varying sample sizes such as Standard test tubes, microtubes, LSC vials/tubes; 2.1.4. Be robust, sensitive and specific.


IAEA   20 Jul 2019 9 Aug 2019