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Creative Design for Partner Outreach (National)

Programme National / Plan d'Action
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17 oct 2020


17 octobre 2020

Date limite

23 octobre 2020


35 369 USD

Type d'approvisionnement

Consultants indépendants


SC 114763 REG

Bailleur de fonds

ADB - Banque Asiatique de Développement

Durée estimée

200 Jours



Date Published: 17-Oct-2020    Deadline of Submitting EOI: 23-Oct-2020 11:59 PM Manila local time

Selection Profile

Consultant Type: Individual

Selection Method: Individual Consultant Selection (ICS)

Source: National

Technical Proposal: Not Applicable

Selection Title: Creative Design for Partner Outreach (National)

Total Inputs: 200 Working Days

Open to non-Member Countries:  No:

Additional Information

Possibility of contract extension:  Yes

Country of assignment: Philippines

Country of eligibility for national consultants: Same as country of assignment

COVID-19 Related Assignment No

Contact Information

Project Officer: Maria Christina S. Duenas

Designation: Senior Partnerships Officer Asian Development Bank

Email: cduenas@adb.org

Publishing History

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Original | 17-Oct-2020 | Erwin V. Salaveria | 7 DAYS | 23-Oct-2020 |

CSRN Additional Information / Attachments:

Terms of Reference (Individual Consultant)

Expertise: visual and creative design

Expertise Group: External Affairs & Communications

Consultant Source: National

TOR Keywords: partnerships, communications, creative design, collaterals, wireframes, branding

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

Strong partnerships are at the core of the Asian Development Bank's (ADB) Strategy 2030 to achieve a

prosperous, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable Asia and the Pacific.

Through its work with partners, ADB can mobilize additional financial and technical resources for its

support for its developing member countries (DMCs). Partnerships can also help improve coordination and

reduce fragmentation of the support provided to DMCs. Finally, partnerships can help deliver outcomes

that would not have been possible if either the ADB or the partner had operated in isolation.

The responsibility of establishing and nurturing relationships with financing partners at the

institutional level falls on the shoulders of the Strategic Partnerships Division (SPSP) of the

Strategy, Policy and Partnerships Department. This means, among many others,

• deepening understanding of partners and their priorities;

• ensuring the smooth flow of information from ADB to the partners and vice-versa;

• engaging partners in strategic discussions and designing interventions for DMCs that align with ADB's

and the partners' priorities.

• promoting the results of financing partners to a) encourage traditional and new partners to engage

more with ADB and b) showcase the good that the partnerships are doing at household, county, or country

levels; and

• tapping the partners' knowledge and expertise to improve the partnerships.

Within the bank, SPSP also has the responsibility to

• improve staff's understanding of financing partnerships.

• seek opportunities for financing partnerships; and

• support regional and knowledge support departments in reaching out to financing partners as needed;

Communications play an important role in performing these functions. This engagement aims to provide

communications support to SPSP as it performs the above tasks. A national consultant experienced in

designing and implementing communications campaigns will be engaged on an intermittent basis.

Scope of Work

The assignment is for a period 200 days spread over of 15 months. The consultant will be responsible for

helping improve SPSP's communications with partners, thereby strengthening the latter's relationship

management functions. Specifically, the consultant will do the following:

1. Work with SPSP's marketing specialist to design a branding approach for SPSP's partner outreach work--

complete with templates, color palettes, and branding elements as needed-- and create the digital assets

that reflect this branding strategy.

2. Customize/convert SPSP branding approach into distinct digital and print designs suitable to the

specific outreach/communication project being implemented. Create mock-ups and wireframes for websites,

dashboards for databases, presentation templates, artwork design for print and digital collateral, and

more as needed. Conduct quality control over the different digital and print communication materials to

be produced for partner outreach, ensuring that all abide by DOC's visual identity.

3. When working on specific communication campaigns for specific partners, clearly articulate into

design strategies and digital assets the views of SPSP partner focals who are most familiar with the

partners. Pitch the design studies to SPSP partner focals and other clients--e.g., SDPF, the financing

partnership facilities, trust funds, etc.--and incorporate their feedback into the final versions of the

communication collaterals.

4. Transform sovereign and nonsovereign cofinancing data to be used in partner outreach into creative

and intuitively understandable digital content using Tableau, Power BI, Figma, or other software for

data visualization. In addition, constantly search for, and evaluate data visualization softwares to

ensure that cofinancing data is made easily understandable to target audiences.

5. For the Partnership Report 2020, undertake research on better ways of presenting content, propose

design studies for the look and feel of the new report, create mock ups of the microsite design, create

the digital assets that will be used for the report, and review the execution of the design.

6. Work with the rest of the SPSP communications team to periodically assess how the SPSP partner

outreach materials are being received by the target audiences and, based on this assessment, suggest

design adjustments as necessary.

7. Support the regular creation of fresh materials to be used for the partner and general communication


8. Create and manage a database of SPSP's digital assets, e.g., photos, videos, maps, infographics, etc.

9. Keep abreast of latest tools/applications/techniques on digital design and, as applicable, use them

for partner communication campaigns.

10. Perform other duties as may be assigned.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

• Partner outreach branding approach/ guidelines

• Customized creative print and digital designs for specific communication campaigns

• Data visualizations

• Communication collaterals

• Design guides and digital assets for Partnership Report 2020

• Database of digital assets

Minimum Qualification Requirements

At least 5-7 years of professional experience in creative design, specializing on print and digital


2. Expertise in desktop publishing and multimedia software used by ADB, e.g., InDesign

3. Expertise in data visualization softwares

3. Familiarity with ADB cofinancing environment, sectors and themes, and project cycle.

4. Ability to work in an inclusive and diverse environment.

Minimum General Experience: 7 Years

Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment): 5 Years

Regional/Country Experience:  Not Required


Details Name Type Estimated Submission Date

partner outreach branding approach/guidelines Others 31-Dec-2021

data visualizations Others 31-Dec-2021

partner communication campaign materials Others 31-Dec-2021

Partnership Report 2020 design guides Others 31-Dec-2021

database of digital assets Others 31-Dec-2021

Schedule and Places of Assignment (chronological and inclusive of travel)

Schedule Type


Max. Working Days/Week

Home Office 5

Field 6

City and Country Working Days Estimated Start Date Estimated End Date Other Details (use if place selected is Others)

Manila, Philippines 40 15-Oct-2020 31-Dec-2020

Manila, Philippines 160 01-Jan-2021 31-Dec-2021



Cost Estimate:

Cost Items Amount in USD

Remuneration and Other Expenses

All activities and inputs in the TOR but not limited to remuneration, per diem, air travel, miscellaneous travel expenses, report preparation, production, and transmission, land transportation, communications, etc. 34,369

Contingency 1,000