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Tourism Development Project

Early intelligence
4 sep 2018
19 oct 2018
Action plan / Procurement plan
29 oct 2019


29 octubre 2019

Closing date

30 septiembre 2023



Tipo de aprovisionamiento

Servicios, Suministros, Trabajos



Agencia de Financiación

WB - Banco Mundial

Duración estimada

62 meses



The development objective of Tourism Development Project is to improve the performance of tourism in targeted destinations in Ghana. This project has four components. 1) The first component, Strengthening the tourism enabling environment, aims to address the following constraints most likely to have transformative impact on the tourism sector in Ghana: training and skills development of the industry, aviation and entry visa policy, and branding and marketing. 2) The second component, Developing tourism sites and destinations, seeks to diversify the leisure tourism offering in Ghana by identifying and upgrading the most promising destination areas. 3) The third component, Tourism enterprise support program, aims to finance the costs of tourism enterprise matching grants and business development services training. Qualified enterprises will be invited to submit proposals that will be evaluated for viability. 4) The fourth component, Project management and institutional strengthening, aims to provide support to
Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MoTAC) to manage and coordinate the project.


Project ID
Country Ghana
Region Africa
Status Active
Approval Date (as of board presentation) July 13, 2018
Closing Date September 30, 2023
Total Project Cost** US$ 40.00 million
Commitment Amount US$ 40.00 million
Team Leader Kofi-Boateng Agyen, Olasupo Olusi

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