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Transport Corridors Project

Early intelligence
19 dic 2013
19 dic 2013
Action plan / Procurement plan
17 abr 2019
16 jul 2019
Action plan / Procurement plan
4 dic 2019
20 jun 2017


4 diciembre 2019

Closing date

30 junio 2021



Tipo de aprovisionamiento

Servicios, Suministros, Trabajos



Agencia de Financiación

WB - Banco Mundial

Duración estimada

90 meses



The objective of the Transport Corridors Project for Iraq is to improve road transport connectivity and safety on selected road sections along expressway one and the north-south transport corridor in the country. The project supports a combination of: (i) strategic infrastructure investments, (ii) institutional strengthening and capacity building, as well as (iii) skills and technology development. It comprises of the following components: 1) transport corridors improvements; 2) institutional strengthening and capacity building in the road sector; and 3) project management and monitoring. The first component consists of the sub-components of rehabilitation, maintenance and road safety improvement of select sections of expressway one road network; design and construction of service lay-bys along specified sections of expressway one; design and construction on a pilot basis of a fiber optic cable network along a particular section of expressway one; engineering supervision for rehabilitation of expressway one;
engineering supervision for installation of fiber optic network for expressway one; construction of the road between Girsheen and Suheila intersection of the north-south transport corridor; and engineering supervision services for construction of the road between Girsheen and Suheila intersection. The second component pertains to supporting organizational and capacity improvement, organizational improvement of state-owned and Ministry of Construction and Housing (MOCH) controlled construction companies, and training of local contractors and consultants. The third component deals with technical assistance

Basic Information

Project ID P131550
Status Active
Approval Date December 19, 2013
Closing Date June 30, 2021
Country Iraq
Region Middle East and North Africa
Environmental Category A
Team Leader Ibrahim Khalil Zaki Dajani, Soran Hama Tahir Ali
Implementing Agency KRG Ministry of Construction and Housing;Ministry of Construction, Housing, Municipalities and Public Works;Republic of Iraq / Ministry of Finance;Roads and Bridges Directorate - Project Management Team;
Total Project Cost** US$ 385.00 million
Commitment Amount US$ 355.00 million
Other Public Administration 3%
ICT Infrastructure 31%
Public Administration - Transportation 5%
Rural and Inter-Urban Roads 61%

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