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SME A2F Nepal

Early intelligence
14 ago 2019


14 agosto 2019



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Servicios, Suministros, Trabajos



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IFC - Corporación Financiera Internacional



SME A2F Nepal

Summary of Advisory Services Project Information

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Primary Business Area

Disclosure Date
Aug 13, 2019


South Asia

IFC Approval Date
Jan 15, 2019


Estimated Total Budget

(Project budget includes all project-funded activities)

Last Updated Date
Aug 13, 2019

Project Estimated Start Date
Dec 15, 2018

Project Estimated End Date
Dec 14, 2021

Project Description

This project aims to deliver on three key components: 1. Develop a strong evidence base to enable data based policy reform– this will include two assessments – (i) a gap analysis of unmet demand and supply of financial services in Nepal in the context of federal structure of Nepal as well as (ii) a well-defined MSME Finance strategy – as a follow up to key FSAP and CPSD recommendations. Support will also be extended to the authorities in the implementation of a number of key policy recommendations and initiatives based on the gap analysis and MSME Finance Strategy to be developed. 2. Policy implementation support for enabling financial infrastructure and digital platforms 3. Development and roll out of new & innovative instruments for MSME Finance

Expected Development Impact

The expected development impact of the advisory services is to support the authorities' efforts to improve access to financial services for the underserved/unserved MSMEs in line with the relevant parts of the action plan of the recent Financial Sector Development Strategy (FSDS).

E&S Risks / Impacts and Mitigation

Performance Standard
PS 1. Assessment and Management of Environmental and Social Risks and Impacts

Description & Potential Impact
As part of its Due Diligence, and as mandated by IFC Sustainability Policy, IFC team has screened this project to assess consistency with IFC's Performance Standards.

IFC's advice will be provided in a manner consistent with the principles of the relevant Performance Standards. The IFC team will assist the client, as final decision maker, in gaining good understanding of IFC's Performance Standards.

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