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Unattended Current Monitor Module for Unattended Monitoring Systems

Request for proposal
16 sep 2020


16 septembre 2020

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15 octobre 2020



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IAEA - Agence internationale de l'énergie atomique



Unattended Current Monitor Module for Unattended Monitoring Systems

Request for proposal

Reference: RFP 420325-AY

Beneficiary country(ies): Austria

Registration level: Basic

Deadline on: 15-Oct-2020 17:00 (GMT 2.00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris


The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) hereby invites suppliers to submit quotations, proposals or bids, as appropriate, for the provision of goods and/or services and/or works, as defined in the attached documentation.


UMS are widely used by IAEA Safeguards to perform a large variety of qualitative and 

quantitative measurements of processes throughout the nuclear fuel cycle. UMS 

typically consist of detectors connected to data acquisition equipment housed in an 

industrial cabinet along with power management components, communication and 

other support devices. Tamper-indicating measures are in place for all parts. One of 

the key components installed in the cabinet is the data acquisition module, whose main 

function is to collect the signals from the detectors, process and convert them into 

digital information and store them as data files, that may then be transmitted by the 

IAEA Safeguards (SG) remote monitoring network, or collected locally and periodically 


Several types of data acquisition modules are currently in use in UMS, depending on 

the specific needs of the systems. Some of these types of modules, including the ones 

devoted to current measurement, are approaching obsolescence or have been subject 

to concerns about their continuing availability. The UCM1 is intended to address the 

present situation of discontinued or limited product availability, as well as to reflect the 

advances in available technologies that can be applied to the specific needs of 

unattended monitoring systems. As to the latter point, in particular, it is expected that 

the use of more recent technologies will lead to considerable performance 

improvements in terms of measurement functionality, storage capabilities, 

interconnectivity and power consumption. 

The UCM1 is expected to provide a solution to replace the data acquisition modules 

currently in use for current measurements, with plans for it to become the standard 

data acquisition module for the relevant applications. 

In preparing and submitting your quotation, proposal or bid, you are required to follow the IAEA 'General Instructions for Bidders' (also found at https://www.iaea.org/sites/default/files/iaeaforbidders.pdf) and 'Special Instructions to Bidders' attached.

Please notify the Responsible Contracting Staff mentioned above if any part of this solicitation is missing.

Thank you.

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