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Small Scale Projects 2019

Call for proposals / Grant notice
22 oct 2019


22 octobre 2019

Date limite

10 novembre 2019



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AICS - Agence italienne pour la coopération et le développement

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4 mois



Small Scale Projects (SSP)

Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, Mogadishu Office

Rationale of the Intervention
Protracted insecurity in particular areas and climatic shocks remain the main drivers of a still fragile current humanitarian situation. Late and erratic 2019 Gu’ rains coupled with low river levels resulted in the poorest cereal harvest since data has been collected (1995), inferior even to that of the 2011 pre-famine Gu’ harvest and 70% below average, mainly in southern areas. The poor 2019 Gu’ season, the third driest in 30 years and the second consecutive below average, in a country yet to recover from the impact of the prolonged 2016/17 drought and affected by ongoing conflict, threatens an already fragile food security situation. Without humanitarian assistance, millions of people risk acute malnutrition and food insecurity, with dire consequences especially for marginalized and displaced communities. Many households are still recovering from the severe 2016/2017 drought or have been affected by conflict, and 2.6 million people remain displaced. In pastoral areas, the impact of the drought on livestock led to a lack of access to milk, and many poor households have accumulated large debts while struggling to feed their families and rescue their remaining livestock.
Widespread acute malnutrition persists in Somalia due to a combination of factors including food insecurity, high morbidity, low treatment and poor care practices. Integrated interventions should be provided to support recovery and prevent deterioration of the humanitarian situation.
Women and children endure the most of the drought conditions. The impact of drought, coupled with the protracted conflict, are worsening protection challenges, particularly for women and children, as families lose their socio-economic safety nets. The situation above, combined with lack of employment opportunities for the young labour force in Somalia, caused in the last years a rise in the migration flow of refugees and economic migrants.

The Italian Agency for Development Cooperation in Somalia
Italy is committed to support the population through emergency programs on health and food security, through private sector recovery initiatives that stimulate economic growth and local labor market, particularly in the livestock and fisheries sectors, and through the support of the federal institutions with capacity building programmes and reconstruction projects.
The Italian intervention in Somalia fulfills the commitments taken during the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul on May 2016, with particular reference to core responsibility no 3 “Leave no one behind”, and core responsibility no. 4 “Change people’s life, from delivering aid to ending needs”, focusing on programs and projects which try to bridge the gap between humanitarian and development. Lastly, this call for proposal aligns with the priorities indicated by the Federal Government of Somalia in the National Development Plan 2020 – 2024, with particular regard to the areas of social services and inclusive economic development.
Gender discrimination in the Somali society and harmful traditional health practices concerning midwifery and nursing contribute to the worsening of the socio-economic situation for women and girls. As a crosscutting issue, gender balance and women empowerment are a priority in the interventions of the Italian Cooperation for Development in Somalia.

Areas of Interventions
Priority areas of intervention are summarized as follows:
Promotion of basic health services, vaccination, maternal and child health, protection and disability
Promotion of nutrition services for the fight against malnutrition and food support.
Provision of livelihood and food security tools, agricultural and livelihood support interventions.
Rehabilitation / construction / protection of water points and strengthening the management of water systems, water and sanitation activities
Primary education, vocational training for youths, training for youths
Child protection, human rights, protection of refugees and IDPs
Rehabilitation of structures, infrastructures, roads, viability, water ways, basin, river bed and boundaries
Here below a non-exhaustive list of eligible activities:
- Workshop and training
- Publications and communication, visibility, video production
- Maintenance of building and premises
- Small construction works
- Reconstruction and rehabilitation of existing facilities
- Basic health or education services
- Basic WASH and agricultural activities
The SSP will not provide funds to activities which are meant to cover the following costs:
- Operational and running costs
- Meals
- Security
- Overheads
- Coordination costs
- Salaries
- VAT, if reimbursable
As a preferential requisite, but not compulsory, SSP should be implemented in the framework of ongoing or recently completed main projects. These can be projects implemented in any of the above mentioned sectors/areas of intervention and can be funded by any donor, provided that the applicant CSO, in the application process provides clear reference to it. The project proposals should give a clear description of how the SSP is part of the main project and how the activities funded under this initiative will increase / improve the achievement of the main project's objectives.
Intervention logic and implementation modalities
In the general context described above, this AICS Mogadishu Office, by this Call for Proposals, establishes a selection process for project proposals submitted by CSOs operating in Somalia for the implementation of activities as stated above, for a total amount of 120,000 Euros.
The SSP should be implemented easily in order to strengthen the management capacity of local realities, cover gaps of ongoing projects, and achieve results that are more effective or enhance the future sustainability of ongoing projects.
Proposals for this Call may be submitted by non-profit entities who, at the date of publication of this document, have the following requirements:
For Italian organization registration on the list of Civil Society organization as for art. 26, paragraph 3 of Law 125/2014;
For Somali Non-Profit Entities with no head office in Italy be constituted and in accordance with the regulations in force in the country of affiliation;
Approval of the proposal by local authorities / communities and / or ministries. Where the political or security situation in the country makes it impossible to obtain a letter of appreciation from the local Authorities, approval is requested to the competent Italian diplomatic representation;
Have no debts to the DGCS of MAECI and / or AICS for certain, liquid and due debts, including pending administrative process for projects approved or concluded;
Absence of misconduct with gross negligence or maladjustment in the implementation of DGCS / MAECI, AICS, projects.
Project Proposal requirements
Maximum duration of project activities covered under this Call: 4 months;
Funding requested not lower than 5,000 Euro (five thousand Euro) and not higher than 30,000 Euro (thirty thousand Euro)
Clear adherence to the Italian Cooperation objectives and guidelines as stated in this Call for Proposal
Compliance with the aims, objectives, sectors and cross-themes indicated in this document.
Each CSO may only submit one proposal
The project proposal must be submitted in English language and, if approved, English will be the official language for all the documentation.
The project proposals should be concise and straightforward. The concept note should describe a small-scale project and short-term initiative, designed to have an immediate impact.
The project proposal shall follow the format attached (Annex A)
Selection process

The Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, Mogadishu Office, is responsible for selecting, evaluating and approving the proposals.
- The project proposals must be submitted before the deadline of 10th of November as stated in this Call.
- The selection process will take a maximum of 5 working days.
- The selected CSOs will receive a selection letter, indicating also the amount of funds approved for the project, to be returned in two working days duly countersigned by the CSO for acceptance of the Grant terms and conditions as per the present Call.
- The selected CSOs have 2 weeks to start the project from the day of the communication of approval.
- The activities must be completed within 4 months from the starting date.
- The final report must be submitted within 2 weeks from project completion
Project proposal may be fully funded or partially funded depending upon funds' availability and evaluation of proposed activities and budget congruence.
Financial arrangements
The grant will be disbursed in the form of a reimbursement after activities completion, within 30 days from the successful completion of the project.
The reimbursement is subject to presentation and approval of the final report (ANNEX C) and supporting documentation, including:
full financial reconciliation in Euro, using the monthly convention rate of Banca d'Italia, available here: https://www.bancaditalia.it/compiti/operazioni-cambi/cambi/index.html
a documented proof of realization, such as photographs complete of geographical coordinates
the Project Reimbursement Request (ANNEX D)
In any case, AICS reserves the right of binding the reimbursement to the complete and verified realization of the intervention.
The reimbursement will occur in the Euro currency, through bank transfer on an account in the name of the CSO to approved financial institutions in Kenya or in Somalia.
Application process
The documents to be submitted for application are:
- Project proposal (Annex A)
- Evidence of registration in Somalia
- Evidence of main intervention linked to the proposed SSP, if applicable
- Summary of past or on-going supported projects by the proposing NGO (ANNEX B)
Project proposals and the required documentation shall be submitted in PDF format by email to:
Italian Agency for Development Cooperation
Mogadishu Office

The deadline for submitting the proposal is November 10th 2019
- Annex A: Project Proposal
- Annex B: Summary of the supported project
- Annex C: Final Report
- Annex D: Project reimbursement request

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