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Dem Rep Congo - Western Growth Poles

Early intelligence
11 Jun 2013
Action plan / Procurement plan
26 Jul 2019
22 Oct 2019
22 May 2020
5 Feb 2020


22 October 2019

Closing date

30 April 2020



Procurement type

Services, Supplies, Works



Funding Agency

WB - World Bank

Estimated duration

82 months


Congo, Democratic Republic of the

The development objective of the Western Growth Poles Project for Democratic Republic of Congo is to increase productivity and employment in selected value chains in target zones in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The project has four components. The first component is agriculture value chains development in Bas-Congo. This component will increase the agricultural supply capabilities of farmers? organizations and provide basic rural infrastructure in order to strengthen the targeted value chains and better supply markets, including Kinshasa. This component will finance consultant services to provide technical assistance (TA) and support services to farmers organizations and benefiting institutions; works (the construction of technical and collection platforms, rural roads and upgrading of electricity network); and goods and equipment. This component has following two sub-components: (i) enhancing agricultural supply capabilities; and (ii) support to rural infrastructures. The second component is special eco
nomic zone of Maluku. The development of the Maluku Special Economic Zone (SEZ) will provide access to much needed industrial land equipped with critical infrastructure and a more friendly business environment for investors and private sector operators, all of which have been identified as binding constraints in the 2006 investment climate assessment. This component has following three sub-components: (a) facilitation of Public-Private Partnership (PPP); (b) strengthening the capacity of relevant ministries in SEZ development; and (c) physical infrastructure. The third component is proactive business development. This component will improve the business environment with a view to promoting investments and support productive activities in the targeted value chains and poles. It aims at supporting and operationalizing the government approach to Strategic Partnerships Along Value Chains (SPAVC) that was presented to and well received by development partners at the end of 2012 in Kinshasa. It has following three
sub-components: (1) project development fund for investment promotion; (2) targeted regulatory reforms; and (3) trade facilitation at the port of Matadi in the Bas-Congo. The fourth component is coordination, monitoring, communication and impact. This component will strengthen the ability of government to implement the project in a coordinated and integrated manner based on existing structures, which will be strengthened through TA. It will also ensure coordination of the involved ministries. It will also be in charge of communication in collaboration with civil society organizations

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Team Leader
Omar Lyasse, Milaine Rossanaly


Congo, Democratic Republic of

Approval Date
(as of board presentation)
June 11, 2013

Total Project Cost
US$ 114.70 million

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Closing Date
April 30, 2020

Commitment Amount
US$ 110.00 million

Environmental Category

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