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Southeast Asia Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development Facility - Financial Management Specialist

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24 Jul 2020
1 Aug 2020
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11 Aug 2020


1 August 2020


6 August 2020


36 000 USD

Procurement type

Individual consultants


50266-001 Package Financial Management Specialist

Funding Agency

ADB - Asian Development Bank

Estimated duration

110 days




   Deadline of Submitting EOI: 06-Aug-2020 11:59 PM Manila local time

Selection Profile

Consultant Type: Individual

Selection Method: Individual Consultant Selection (ICS)

Source: National

Technical Proposal: Not Applicable

Selection Title: Southeast Asia Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development Facility

Package Number:

Package Name: Financial Management Specialist

Advance Action:  No:

Total Inputs: 110 Working Days

Consulting Services Budget: USD 36,000

Budget Type:  Maximum:

Approval Number: 9681

Approval Date: 10-Dec-2018

Estimated Short-listing Date: 31-Jul-2020

Estimated Commencement Date: 14-Aug-2020

Open to non-Member Countries:  No:

Additional Information

Possibility of contract extension:  Not known

Possibility of consideration for downstream assignment:  Not known

Country of assignment: Indonesia

Country of eligibility for national consultants: Same as country of assignment

COVID-19 Related Assignment No

Contact Information

Project Officer: Takeshi Ueda

Designation: Principal Natural Resources and Agriculture Economist Asian Development Bank


Contact Person for Inquiries: Hyunyoung Song

Designation: Natural Resources and Agriculture Specialist Asian Development Bank



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 Asian Development BankRegionalExecuting Agency |

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Original | 24-Jul-2020 | Renalyn A. Padilla | 7 DAYS | 30-Jul-2020 |

Terms of Reference (Individual Consultant)

Expertise: Financial Management Specialist

Expertise Group: Accounting, Auditing & Statistics

Consultant Source: National

TOR Keywords:

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is providing technical assistance to the Government of Indonesia to

prepare the Community Empowerment Project for the Advancement and Transformation of Villages (CEPAV)

project. The proposed project will improve the socioeconomic well-being of villagers in target areas

that can rebalance the regional development disparities, through (i) strengthening of Village and

government capacity for village and inter-village development; (ii) promoting Intervillage cooperation

and investment; and (iii) enhancing monitoring and evaluation. The Ministry of Villages, Development of

Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration (MOV) is proposed as the executing agency.

The consultant's assignment will comprise three main phases: (i) Phase 1 - project preparatory works

conducted; (ii) Phase 2 - investment feasibility and due diligence in accordance with ADB requirements

conducted; and (iii) Phase 3 - loan implementation start-up supported

ADB will engage individual consultants for the core design team and either a national consulting firm,

university, research institution and/or a combination of them, to support the core design team in the

design and preparation of the ensuing loan Community Empowerment Project for the Advancement and

Transformation of Villages (CEPATV).

Scope of Work

The consultant's assignment will comprise three main phases: (i) Phase 1 - project preparatory works

conducted; and (ii) Phase 2 - investment feasibility and due diligence in accordance with ADB

requirements conducted.

Output 1: Phase 1 – Project preparatory works conducted. Consultants will (i) prepare a draft sector

assessment for agriculture and rural development; (ii) develop and finalize a set of criteria for

selecting project sites and finalizing a list of potential project sites; (iii) identify a range of

potential subproject investments, including its indicative costs and developing a set of criteria for

subproject prioritization and selection; (iv) prepare a proposed project cycle; and (v) identifying

preliminary fiduciary and governance risks, capacity constraints and other gaps for the proposed


Deliverables under Output 1 include: (i) a final draft of sector assessment, which will cover government'

s initiatives and strategies on the Village Law implementation and efforts towards integrated area

development and planning, sector performance and potential, gap analysis and ongoing government and

donor-funded projects and/or programs; (ii) agreed selection criteria and agreed final list of project

areas based on the criteria, in close collaboration with government; (iii) draft design of the project

cycle from subproject selection, design, implementation to subproject evaluation; (iv) a preliminary

identification of fiduciary, governance and capacity risks and design of funds flow; and (v) an

inception report containing a workplan, implementation schedule and proposed staffing schedule, details

of any issues encountered or anticipated and proposals to address them, proposed changes to the

consultant team, and any contractual issues which require discussion.

Output 2 - Phase 2 - Investment feasibility due diligence conducted in accordance with ADB

requirements. Consultants shall prepare the required documentation (draft and final) for the project,

including feasibility studies, designs of a sample of representative subprojects and the conduct of due

diligence as per ADB standards for its investments. The consultants will undertake consultation in

target project sites with different stakeholders by closely working with executing agency (EA)/

implementing agencies (IAs). The final reports and studies will incorporate comments from ADB and the

government. The tasks will include:

(i) Rural infrastructure subprojects Feasibility and Design:

a. technical feasibility of potential subprojects and conceptual designs of at least 5 potential

subprojects (e.g., post-harvest and market facilities, ports, storage facilities);

b. engineering designs of at least five (5) representative investments and/or subprojects and draft

bidding documents following ADB guidelines, including technical specifications, drawings, bills of

quantities and technical evaluation criteria. The bidding documents will include the updated

environmental management plan, resettlement plan, grievance redress mechanism, consultation and

communications plan and monitoring and reporting requirements;

(ii) Agricultural value chain analysis, Markets and Livelihoods Mapping and Assessment

a. Livelihood, enterprises and value chain institutional mapping;

b. Agricultural value chain analysis for key commodities

c. Market assessment tool development

d. preliminary cluster-level market, resource and production assessments of target sub districts and /

or districts and templates and instructions for undertaking similar assessments for expansion areas;

(iii) Financial and Economic Analysis, Sector Assessments and M&E Framework Development:

a. full sector assessment, including an assessment of policy and institutional gaps in the sector and a

long list and description of areas for policy support for the sector;

b. economic and financial analysis and assessment of viability of the proposed project and potential


c. design and improvement plan of M & E framework, baseline survey and initial design of midterm and end

line evaluation;

(iv) Social and Environment Safeguards and Gender Due Diligence

a. social and environment safeguards categorization required by ADB and the government;

b. poverty impact and social development analysis and poverty reduction and social strategy

c. gender analysis and gender action plan;

d. resettlement framework and / or plan to guide the overall project investments and five (5)

resettlement plans for representative subprojects (or a due diligence report on land acquisition and

resettlement in case there are no resettlement impacts);

e. indigenous people's framework to guide the overall project investments and five (5) indigenous

peoples development plans for representative subprojects;

f. environmental assessment and review framework (EARF) to guide the overall project investments,

initial environmental examinations (IEEs) for 5 representative subprojects;

(i) Institutional and Capacity Development:

a. capacity and institutional assessment and institutional capacity development plan, with proposed

project activities for strengthening institutional arrangement and capacity building to enhance delivery

or project outputs;

b. procurement capacity assessment, procurement plan preparation, and workflow development from

subproject feasibility study to commissioning;

(v) Financial analysis and financing

a. financial analysis and assessment, including funds flow and financial management assessment of

executing and implementing agencies, risks and mitigation plans and guidelines or manuals for the


b. governance and fiduciary due diligence, risk assessment and mitigation plans

c. project financing package, including cost tables and financing plan, following ADB formats;

(vi) Procurement and fiduciary

a. Prepare the assessment of the operating environment, market analysis, risk management, and options

analysis of the proposed project

b. Develop a case study for the strategic procurement planning workshop

c. Prepare the procurement plan and arrangements

(vii) Cluster-level climate change and disaster risk assessments of target sub-districts and / or

districts and templates and instructions for undertaking similar assessments for expansion areas;

(viii) Project Administration Manuals (PAM) and, as necessary, project manuals, as may be agreed with

government, containing the description of the project cycle, proposed reporting formats, a set of

eligibility criteria for subproject selection;

(ix) Communications and participation plans.

Prior to delivery of the 1st draft of the reports, the consultants shall have visited a sample of the

potential project sites and consulted with key stakeholders

Output 3: Phase 3 - Loan implementation startup supported. One (1) international and one (1) national

will be mobilized on an intermittent basis prior to the loan fact-finding mission to undertake the


(i) Address critical technical gaps including sector and market assessment, governance and fiduciary

risks due diligence, financial and economic evaluation, among others during the loan processing stage;

(ii) Assist the government in implementation startup support.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

The consultants will: (i) conduct financial management assessment of the executing and implementing

agencies of the project, looking into governance, integrity and risks, in accordance with ADB

guidelines; (ii) recommend mitigation measures to help safeguard risk exposures; (iii) prepare financial

and funds flow for investments, project management and administration budget line items, training and

other relevant cost items of the project; (iv) prepare a financing plan for the project and describe the

flow of funds and disbursement procedures; (v) provide inputs to the project administration manual;

(viii) lead in the preparation of a community finance sub-manual, (vi) review available project

implementation/implementation-related documents of similar projects in Indonesia (Project Appraisal

Document of WB Loan, Operations Manuals, Impact Evaluation Study, audit reports, etc.) and extract

relevant and useful learning from these projects; (vii) provide inputs to the Project Administration

Manual (PAM); (viii) with the capacity development specialist, (a) review the current staffing and

staffing policies and structures of the EA and assess the requirements in terms of number and

qualifications of staff and map required staff and positions to determine recruitment needs; (b) review

and recommend options as well as the cost of staffing, re-structuring and hiring or contracting out

services of consultants and staff and develop terms of reference for the staff and project consultants;

and (ix) complete any other tasks as may reasonably be requested by ADB or the government. The

consultants shall also assist the economist in (i) preparation of cost estimates and a financing plan,

which are based on verifiable data and are sufficient to support project implementation; (ii)

preparation of financial projections and conduct of financial analysis to determine financial

sustainability, and review proposed cost-recovery and affordability; (iii) conduct financial evaluations

(financial cost-benefit analyses) including sensitivity analyses of project components that have a cost-

recovery objective; and (iv) assess and reach an agreement on financial reporting, auditing, and public

disclosure arrangements for the project.


1. A financial management assessment of the executing and implementing agencies of the project, looking

into governance, integrity and risks, and mitigation measures to help safeguard risk exposures in

accordance with ADB guidelines

2. Cost estimates and a financing plan for the project including flow of funds and disbursement

procedures; project management and administration budget line items, training and other relevant cost

items of the project;

3. Selected sections of the loan documents and project administration manual;

4. A community finance sub-manual and corresponding dissemination and training material ,

Minimum Qualification Requirements

The national specialist will have a bachelor's degree in accounting, audit or economics and will have at

least 8 years of experience in finance, accounting and management. Experience with donor-funded projects

would be an advantage. The specialist should preferably possess a professional accountancy/finance

qualification such as a Chartered Accountant, CPA, or equivalent. Both specialists are required to be

familiar with the financial guidelines and related procedures of ADB and the government. Good command of

English for the national consultant is a must.

Minimum General Experience: 10 Years

Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment): 8 Years

Regional/Country Experience:  Required

Schedule and Places of Assignment (chronological and inclusive of travel)

Schedule Type


Max. Working Days/Week

Home Office 5

Field 6

City and Country Working Days Estimated Start Date Estimated End Date Other Details (use if place selected is Others)

Home Office, Other 50 14-Aug-2020 16-Oct-2020

Other City, Indonesia 5 17-Oct-2020 24-Oct-2020 TBC, actual travel shall be subject to ADB's approval/advice at the time of travel

Home Office, Other 55 25-Oct-2020 31-Mar-2021



Cost Estimate:

Cost Items Amount in USD

Remuneration and Other Expenses

All activities and inputs in the TOR but not limited to remuneration, per diem, air travel, miscellaneous travel expenses, report preparation, production, and transmission, land transportation, communications, etc. 33,993

Contingency 2,007