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Project title

Accession to the Eurasian Economic Union—Capturing the Opportunities and Addressing the Risks - Public Relations Expert

Country Programme / Action Plan
Tender / Procurement notice
18 Mar 2020
25 Mar 2020
1 Apr 2020


25 March 2020


31 March 2020


9 166 USD

Procurement type

Individual consultants


49061-001 Package Public Relations Expert

Funding Agency

ADB - Asian Development Bank

Estimated duration

3 months


Kyrgyz Republic


Deadline of Submitting EOI: 31-Mar-2020 11:59 PM Manila local time

Consultant Type Individual
Selection Method Individual Consultant Selection (ICS)
Source National
Technical Proposal Not Applicable

Selection Title Accession to the Eurasian Economic Union—Capturing the Opportunities and Addressing the Risks

Package Name Public Relations Expert

Advance Action No

Engagement Period 3 MONTH

Consulting Services Budget USD 10,000

Budget Type Estimated

Approval Number 8978
Approval Date 21-Oct-2015
Estimated Short-listing Date 30-Mar-2020
Estimated Commencement Date 13-Apr-2020
Open to non-Member Countries No

Additional Information

Possibility of contract extension Not known
Possibility of consideration for downstream assignment Not known

Country of assignment Kyrgyz Republic

Country of eligibility for national consultants Same as country of assignment

Contact Information

Project Officer Gulkayr Tentieva
Designation Senior Economics Officer
Asian Development Bank


Primary Agency Country Agency Role Contact Person
Ministry of Economy Kyrgyz Republic Executing Agency Sultan Akhmatov

Cost Estimate

Cost Items Amount in USD
Remuneration and Other Expenses
All activities and inputs in the TOR but not limited to remuneration, per diem, air travel, miscellaneous travel expenses, report preparation, production, and transmission, land transportation, communications, etc. 8,666
Contingency 500



Terms of Reference (Individual Consultant)

Expertise Public Relations
Expertise Group External Affairs & Communications
Consultant Source National
TOR Keywords Public Relations Expert

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

Current challenges, including adaptation of the Kyrgyz Republic in EEU integration, in the context of
continued tensions in development of the world economy, require the government to make effective public
managerial decisions to mitigate impacts of shocks on economy of the country.
Therefore, the activity of Ministry of Economy, as a key body of the Government, in recent years has
focused on development and implementation of new methods for planning and managing economic development, including introduction of new, specific and non-standard tools for regulating the business environment and creating favorable conditions for the inflow of foreign direct investment into the Kyrgyz Republic. In this context, there is a manifold need and relevance for the Kyrgyz Republic in raising the awareness of central and local authorities, private sector and representatives of civil society about all changes
and novelties in methods and tools for regulating the development environment for rapid response and
adaptation to new realities of development of the Kyrgyz economy.
The shortage of information and knowledge about changes in economic policy and new planning methods, new
rules of trade in EEU environment, changes in legislation, including changes in fiscal and technical
regulation in the government bodies, business structures and the public at large, makes it more
difficult for economic entities to adapt to new conditions of regulation of economic development.
Given the urgent need to raise awareness and train all structures of state and private sectors, as well
as the population at the national and regional levels, Ministry of Economy, in coordination with the
Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, requested ADB for technical assistance for hiring a national PR firm
that will implement information awareness activities under the ongoing technical assistance (TA 8978).

Scope of Work

Expert in information support at the national level will work on organizing, coordinating and
implementing Plan for raising awareness and competence of all structures of state and private sectors,
as well as the public, about new tools, legislation and new methods of managing economic development,
taking into account integration of the Kyrgyz Republic into EEU. He or she will work closely with TA
coordinators from ADB and Ministry of Economy; will cooperate with officers and other staff of main
departments of Ministry of Economy. Will coordinate the work on preparing and conducting round tables,
trainings, seminars and other information and communication activities on a planned and ad hoc basis.
The work program will be flexible and adaptable so as to respond to emerging problems and priorities.
His or her terms of reference will include the following:
1. Developing a media plan for promoting new tools, legislation and new methods of managing economic
development, taking into account integration of the Kyrgyz Republic in the EEU on the basis of conducted
research/surveys to identify needs, monitoring;
2. Planning and executing the activities of information and communication group under direct supervision
and coordination with TA coordinators from Ministry of Economy and ADB.
3. Jointly with management of Ministry of Economy and other ADB consultants, develop the main thematic
areas of information campaign and necessary content, according to identified needs of target audience
both on the planned and ad hoc basis.
4. Preparing and conducting information and communication activities for representatives of state and
private sectors, as well as for population, at the national level (according to the approved
communication plan).
5. Conducting anti-crisis communications in the event of a crisis.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

Activity of Expert in information support at the national level will focus on the following tasks:
1. Developing a media plan in support of the image of Ministry of Economy and initiatives carried out in
2020, as well as to increase public confidence in the areas of: working with media, SMM, optimizing the site.
2. Analyzing the information field on introduction of new tools and mechanisms for state regulation of
economic development and, based on it, creation of hypotheses about the needs of target groups (civil
servants of central authorities, business representatives, civil society, the media, etc.) for
development of media plan;
3. Optimizing the systems and processes of interaction between the press service of the Ministry and
other staff of the Ministry involved in internal and external communication processes.
4. Control over formation and continuous updating of database of participants of information-and-
awareness activities at the national level through the tool “registration list”.
5. Developing a content plan of information materials on key initiatives for publication in print media,
on television, on pages of Internet resources of the Ministry of Economy, and on social networks - weekly.
6. Editing of key information materials for publication in the media - at least 3 per month, as well as
the speeches of the Minister of Economy - at least 3 per week - to increase public loyalty to the Ministry and its work, as well as awareness of population about new realities of economic development in the EEU.
7. Coordination of information events for media and other target audiences at least once every 2 months,
for opinion leaders among media and Internet users - at least 3 events by the end of 2020.
8. Providing assistance to Ministry of Economy of the Kyrgyz Republic in preparation of materials for
publications (booklets, road maps, methodological manuals, brochures, etc.)
9. Monitoring the settings of targeted advertising and page promotion on Facebook to increase the reach
of the target audience, as well as increase public awareness of ongoing initiatives within EEU - weekly.
10. Approving of graphic images for social networks - at least 2 per month.
11. Analyzing the systems and processes of the press service and developing recommendations for their
optimization - together with the team leader.
12. Creating a list of opinion leaders among the media and Internet users in the field of economics and
social development for effective promotion of Ministry of Economy through these individuals and
increased confidence. Conducting at least 3 events with this target audience to create loyal channels for promoting information of the Ministry.
13. Directly managing promotion of the Ministry in social networks until the end 2020 with creation of group of friends.
14. Establishing of a working group (with the direct support of leadership of the Ministry’s chief of
staff) comprising ministry staff of various directions involved in external and internal communication
processes to improve these processes. Holding meetings of this group to form the correct content plan
and exchange experience at least once a month.
15. Based on analytical materials of ADB TA consultants, preparing of more easily understood by target
audiences, approved by communications plan, information on regulating development of the economy in
rapidly changing conditions under the influence of new challenges and internal influencing factors.
Preparing press releases and articles on key initiatives of the Ministry - at least 3 times a week, as
well as editing of daily reporting materials for publication on the website and in social networks.
16. Adjusting of targeting key posts on FB page - if there is a budget for paid promotion, at least 2
per week - to increase the reach and involvement of target audiences, as well as to increase
recognizability of awareness of ongoing initiatives within the EEU in connection with the algorithms of
this social network.
17. Interaction with the authorized representatives of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic in the
regions to quickly respond to their requests to raise awareness of local population about new changes in
management of economic development in the regions, including new legislative regulations (through
curators in the ministry’s office, or the leadership of the ministry should delegate such authority to consultant).
18. Preparing of Minister’s speeches and his quotes for the media - at least 3 times a week to increase
public loyalty to the Ministry and its work, as well as raising public awareness of the new realities of
economic development in EEU.
19. If necessary, organizing and holding of press conferences, briefings and other events for local
media and other target audiences with invitation of representatives of Ministry of Economy, heads of
oblasts, local governments, business representatives and local non-governmental organizations - on key initiatives.
20. If necessary, preparing a document on anti-crisis response containing answers to possible negative
questions and comments on planned key unpopular decisions of the Ministry.
21. Progress reporting for each month.
22. Working on adaptation and substantive content, as well as promotion of the website of the Ministry
of Economy of the Kyrgyz Republic within the agreed topics of the Work Plan.
23. Analyzing digital resources of Ministry of Economy (analysis of attendance, user behavior patterns),
maintaining statistics on visits.
24. Forming and adapting content for the website of the Ministry of Economy in accordance with specifics of the texts.
25. Moderating and quickly responding to interactive behavior and requests from visitors of the websites
of Ministry of Economy.
26. Synchronizing the work of the website of the Ministry of Economy with pages on social networks.
27. Providing assistance in writing technical specifications for developers.
28. Generating a progress report for each month.
Reporting requirements/Key Activities:
1. Developing and coordinating the work plan –every month;
2. Interacting with officers of Ministry of Economy for detailed work planning related to informing
target groups at the national level;
3. Developing and submitting information notes on the results, in accordance with the approved work plan;
4. Submitting information (reports) on the progress of work, containing a summary of undertaken
activities and performance indicators (as part of a monthly report);
5. Results of the work are to be submitted in the form of monthly and final reports to Minister of
Economy and to ADB.
Main outputs:
1. A document with recommendations on optimizing the work of the press service of the Ministry.
2. Media plan developed by PR consultant, taking into account proposals of press service and all
involved staff of the ministry.
3. Database of participants of information-and-awareness activities.
4. Implementing of a communication strategy - held press events, published materials.
5. Document for crisis response (question-answer) - monthly.
6. Increasing the reach of the audience of key social networks.
7. Conducting trainings for press service - at least 3 trainings.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

Higher education;
Experience of working with mass media– at least 10 years’;
Managerial experience - at least 5 years;
Work experience in civil service - at least 10 years;
Experience in information support of activities of government bodies and high-profile officials;
Excellent knowledge of oral and literary Kyrgyz and Russian language;
Additional advantage would be:
Work experience in projects of international organizations for information support of government bodies

Minimum General Experience 15 Years
Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment) 10 Years
Regional/Country Experience Required

Schedule and Places of Assignment (chronological and inclusive of travel)

Schedule Type Intermittent
Max. Working Days/Week Home Office 5 Field 6

City and Country Working Days Estimated Start Date Estimated End Date
Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic 60 13-Apr-2020 30-Jun-2020

Total 60

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