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Provision/Installation/Maintenance NRestrictedSAN/NSecretsa

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26 Oct 2019
Clarification / Questions & Answers
8 Nov 2019
12 Nov 2019
Clarification / Questions & Answers
19 Nov 2019


8 November 2019


14 November 2019



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Provision/Installation/Maintenance NRestrictedSAN/NSecretsa

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14 Nov 2019

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10. "Hardware & Equipment w/ associated & applicable software of a NATO Secret Storage Area Network (SAN)
Delivered and Instaled at Geilenkirchen Airbase
(consists of 2 storage subsystems)"
20.Maintenance, Troubleshooting, & Repairs (as required)
including Customer Service Center (Help Desk) "
30. On-Site Technical Support

Roles and Responsibilities
NSPA is performing contract management and is the service integrator on behalf of MOB.
Validation of services will be confirmed and performed through NSPA in coordination with the Customer.
Planning Factors
Maintenance and repair activities shall be performed on site at MOB. MOB is located at NATO Airbase (E3-A Component), Lilienthalallee 100, 52511 Geilenkirchen, Germany.
During the implementation of the technical solution there will be a requirement for old and new system overlapping and data migration. Overlapping and data migration duration is conservatively estimated to be one month maximum.
The Customer has a requirement to perform final acceptance of the implemented technical solution. Final acceptance will be performed after the data migration is complete.
Maintenance actions, as and when required, will start after the final acceptance is complete.
Before providing diagnostic files to the contractor, the customer shall be authorized to screen these files and remove any classified or sensitive content. Fundamentally, any troubleshooting tools used shall provide diagnostic output in a format, which can be screened using a text editor or pattern search.
Description of Requirements
The Contractor shall provide, implement - install, configure and set to continuous operation the most current technical solution to replace the existing NATO SECRET Unified Storage System.
The Contractor shall provide all resources and management necessary to fulfil the contractual obligations in accordance with the specific requirements established in this SOW and as stipulated in the Contract Terms and Conditions.
General Contractor Tasks
The Contractor shall:
Furnish the required hardware and equipment with the associated and applicable software installed ready to be set to full and continuous operation (§5.12 & §5.14).
The Contractor shall set the installed technical solution to operation (§4).
Ensure that all furnished hardware and equipment shall remain supportable by the OEM for a minimum of seven (7) years from the date of Contract Award.
Provide system maintenance and troubleshooting for the duration of the contract.
The Customer intends to install a third Storage Area Network (SAN) system in the future at a distant location outside the MOB area. The technical solution offered must take this into account and include the required hardware and software to allow for future connectivity with the remote SAN.
.If the offered technical solution requires a replacement and/or change of existing supporting infrastructure (i.e. racks, power distribution within the rack), due to the dimensions of the new equipment, the contractor shall also furnish and implement the necessary infrastructure changes.
General System Description
The system shall consist of:
Two storage subsystems, attached drive trays and disks. Each storage subsystem will be installed in a different physical location at MOB. They shall work in an active-active "cluster" configuration to facilitate automatic failover in case of a single site failure.
A dedicated storage network to connect MOB customers in both domains
A consolidated tape backup system, with product specific licenses
The Storage System is separated into two physically dislocated data centres in two separate buildings. The offered hardware shall be delivered and installed into those datacentres.
The Contractor shall be responsible for the delivery installation and set to operation of the hardware, equipment and possibly infrastructure (§5.5) at the designated facilities.
All hardware delivered shall be new and in fully functional state at the beginning of the contract.
selected technical solution as per technical solution specifications.
Installation shall commence within fifteen (15) calendar days after delivery of the products and assurance of site preparation, unless specified otherwise. The Customer shall provide site preparation assurance and will coordinate start dates and access to the facilities with the Contractor.
The Contractor shall be responsible for loading, unloading, packing, unpacking, inventorying, inspection, and waste disposal during system implementation.
The contractor shall furnish to the Customer prior to the delivery of the technical solution or the latest on the day of the delivery a detailed inventory list in electronic format. The list shall include all assets delivered and installed as part of the technical solution and will include as a minimum asset, component, part description and serial number.

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