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Call-Off Contract for "User Experience and Web Application Design Improvements"

Request for proposal
22 oct 2019


22 octobre 2019

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8 novembre 2019



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CTBTO - Commission préparatoire de l'Organisation du Traité d'interdiction complète des essais nucléaires




Call-Off Contract for "User Experience and Web Application Design Improvements"

Request for proposal

Reference: RFP 2019-0209/POGGIO

Beneficiary country(ies): Austria

Registration level: Basic

Deadline on: 08-Nov-2019 17:00 (GMT 2.00) Kaliningrad, South Africa


Call-Off Contract for "User Experience and Web Application Design Improvements"

The Requested Work
The Commission seeks to establish a call-off contract with qualified web- and applications designers
to consult on best-practice UX issues, such as: structure and lay-out of websites, color schemes,
accessibility issues, text usage, use of interactive help, and other related issues.
Many of the websites revolve around visualizing scientific data, eg. time series, and present complex
visualization challenges.
The Commission does not intend any software code work to be included in this work. However, as
technology progresses, the Consultant is welcome to suggest tools and libraries that would assist in
this work.

Process Overview
As well as generic advice on ‘best practices’, the Commission requests specific reviews and design
assistance, i.e. review of existing web services, planned services, and future designs.
Commission staff and external contrators responsible for developing web services typically plan
work in periodic Scrum meetings. The Contractor may be requested to attend some of those and
advise on user interface issues (see below).
The Contractor shall maintain a record of all work expended under this contract, and issue detailed
reports with each invoice.

Optional Call-Off periods
Before the expiry of the Initial Call-off Period or the maximum number of man-days, 120, as set out
above, whichever occurs first, the Commission shall have the option, but not the obligation, to
extend the Call-off Period three (3) times for further periods of twelve (12) months and up to 120
person-days for each period, subject to the availability of funds, under the same terms and conditions
as those of this Contract. The Commission will inform the Contractor about its intention to extend
the Work at least one (1) month prior to the expiry of the respective Call-off Period. The optional
extensions will be implemented through a written notification to the Contractor by the Commission.

Chief Procurement Section - procurement@ctbto.org, Tel: +43 01260306350

Email: procurement@ctbto.org

First name: Chief

Surname: Procurement Section

Telephone country code: Austria (+43)

Telephone number: 01260306350

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