Project details


Project title

Karnataka State Highways Improvement III Project - 42513-014 KSHIP III (ADB 2nd Loan)

Country Programme / Action Plan
Tender / Procurement notice
19 Jul 2019
Modification / Revision / Corrigendum
10 Aug 2019
14 Aug 2019


14 August 2019


25 August 2019


1 333 019 USD

Procurement type



42513-014 Package 42513-014 KSHIP III (ADB 2nd Loan)

Funding Agency

ADB - Asian Development Bank

Estimated duration

36 months



Deadline of Submitting EOI: 25-Aug-2019 11:59 PM Manila local time

Selection Profile

Consultant Type Firm
Selection Method Quality and Cost-Based Selection (QCBS)
Source National
Technical Proposal Full Technical Proposal (FTP)

Selection Title Karnataka State Highways Improvement III Project

Package Number 42513-014
Package Name KSHIP III (ADB 2nd Loan)

Advance Action No

Engagement Period 36 MONTH

Consulting Services Budget USD 2,000,000

Budget Type Maximum

Approval Number
Approval Date
Estimated Short-listing Date 26-Aug-2019
Estimated Commencement Date 16-Oct-2019

Open to non-Member Countries No

Additional Information
Possibility of contract extension Not known
Possibility of consideration for downstream assignment Not known
Indefinite Delivery Contract (IDC) No

Country of assignment India

Country of eligibility for national consultants Same as country of assignment

Contact Information
Project Officer Shiva Prasad
Karnataka State Highway Improvement Project


Primary Agency Country Agency Role
Government of Karnataka India Executing Agency
Karnataka State Highway Improvement Project India Implementing Agency

Publishing History

Type Publication Date Published By Duration of Advertisement Deadline
Original 19-Jul-2019 Shiva Prasad 30 DAYS 17-Aug-2019

Cost Estimate
Competitive Items Amount in USD

Remuneration and Other Expenses
All activities and inputs in the TOR but not limited to remuneration, per diem, air travel, miscellaneous travel expenses, report preparation, production, and transmission, land transportation, communications, etc. 1,066,416

Non-Competitive Items Amount in USD

Provisional Sums 196,444
Contingency 70,159

TOTAL 1,333,019

Terms of Reference

Primary Expertise Implementation Support Consultant

TOR Keywords

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

The consultant shall be assisting KSHIP PIU in monitoring and preparing various status and mitigation reports as mandated under ADB Loan Agreement for the project.

Experts Needed


Team Leadership from National Experts

Expertise or Position Inputs in PM Primary Place of Assignment
1 Social Development Expert 3 Bangalore, India
2 Team Leader 9 Bangalore, India
3 Associate – Financial Accounting 12 Bangalore, India
4 Environmental Expert 3 Bangalore, India
5 Legal Expert 3 Bangalore, India
6 Procurement Expert 6 Bangalore, India
7 Associate - Project Strategy 36 Bangalore, India
8 Associate - Contract & Financial Management 36 Bangalore, India

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