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13 Aug 2019
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18 Oct 2019

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4.1.1 This project seeks to acquire construction services to provide reliable power solution at RS HQ and HKIA, Kabul, Afghanistan.
4.1.2 The main goal of the project is to provide reliable power supply for both the RS HQ and HKIA camps by upgrading the existing power supply distribution system, replacing aging diesel generators and connecting the camps to the commercial grid retaining the diesel generators for back up or emergency power. The project also aims to increase the power production capacity and upgrade of the power distribution network at both locations to serve the current and future power demand.
4.1.3 The main technical scope elements of the work for NHKIA are as follows:
- Cabling works
- To connect the power stations in a unified power ring
- To connect users at KAIA East and South construction of a new 6 kV cable line connecting PS#01 to PS#02, PS#02 to SS#15, and new cabling for connecting the new transformer substations in the East and South of HKIA.
- To connect the guard towers to the new SS at the Eastern part of the airfield, NATO satellite users and vendors at NHKIA construction of new 0.4 kV ground cables is planned.
- To connect to commercial power supply by integrating the new transofmer station in to the system and connecting it to the existing network with 6 KV cables according to the design.
The planned cabling works will include underground cables, excavations, filling and back filling, cable marking and protection, bonding, manholes and road crossings and repair of road pavements as required. Power supply data management and remote control
- Construction of data communication line - new fibre optic ring - connecting the existing three PS and all SS at North of HKIA and also the new substations at the East and South of the airfield. Installation of a new SCADA system and devices for the supervision and control of the 6 kV power grid. Upgrade of power stations (PS) and transformer substations (SS)
- Upgrade of 0,4 kV panel boards at PS #01, PS#02 and PS #03 by replacing of the main circuit breakers and bus bar.
- Construct new SS-s to serve the higher future power demand.
- Upgrade existing SS with new 0, 4 kV switchboards including metering system connected to the SCADA system.
- To connect NATO users at KAIA South and East- by constructing of five new containerized transformer Substations (SS#15 - SS#22), equipped with 6/0,4 kV transformers, 6 kV and 0,4 kV switchboards, metering system connected to the SCADA system and substation auxiliary systems.
- Upgrade of the LV switchboards of concerned substations to connect NATO Spot Users and Vendors to the power main.
- Replacement of the control unit of the remaining 3A generator set (2,275 kVA) at PS #03 including equipment required for connection to the new control system (SCADA). Replacement of existing diesel generators and fuel system
- Removal of the existing 13 x 1,275 kVA power generators from NHKIA power stations plus the two redundant spare generator sets.
- Provision and installation of new generator sets 15x 1,500 kVA (40 feet containerized) equipped with enhanced cooling system sized to the local conditions in Kabul equipped with selective catalytic reduction system (SCR) to reduce local emission and air pollution.
- Modification of the power stations structure to shelter the new generator sets and including auxiliary civil works.
- Replacement of 4 x 100 m3 fuel tanks at PS #01 and PS#02 with new double wall fuel tanks installed in a concrete retention basin, integration of the tanks in the existing fuel supply system of generators. Construction of new power facility
The new facility will be located near the power station #1 and will accommodate all necessary electrical equipment for the connection to the Afghan commercial grid in particular:
- 20kV Switchboard
- Power Transformers 7x 20kV/6kV and 1x 20/0.4 KV
- 6kV Switchboard
LV panelboard
- UPS for Switchboards Auxiliary
- PLC workstation to manage the 6 kV system and the power generation system
- Rooms for personnel on duty
The new building is planned witth reinforced concrete structure to provide the required protection level against blast and indirect fire.
It will be a single floor building, raised 30 cm over the surrounding ground level, consisting of one panel board room, rooms for personnel, and a transformer room to accommodate the 20kV/6kV power transformer.

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