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Provision-Internet Connection & Telephone Services-Papa-HU

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25 Jun 2019
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11 Jul 2019


11 July 2019


29 July 2019



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Services, Supplies



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Provision-Internet Connection & Telephone Services-Papa-HU

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AM - Airlift Management Program

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29 Jul 2019

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This document is a Statement of Work (SoW) for the provision of an Internet connection and telephone sen1ices -to NATO Airlift Management Programme (NAMP) at Papa Air Base in Papa Hungary. The objective is to allow NAMP to find the best solution for its Internet access and voice communication requirements.

List of required services
Definition of Mandatory Services
Bidder is requested to set up offer on all mandatory services are listed in SoW.
Partial proposal on mandatory services shall not be permitted and accepted under this SOW. The basic technical understanding at NSPA is that the Service Provider is able to provide a!I the mandatory services based on its owned existing infrastructure.

Mandatory Service - IP based telephony and fax service
The Service Provider must provide volce and fax services through a so-called "SIP trunk".
SIP trunk need to support as a minimum:.
Incoming and outgoing voice (telephony) calls to PSTN (local, national and International calls)
Incoming and outgoing FAX calls to PSTN (local, national and international calls)
Existing public phone number attached to the current line must be re-hosted on the new line to support incoming calls on these numbers, and to support CallerlD display to remote parties: +36 89886 XXX, where XXX covers extensions from ODO to 249.

The trunk must comply with:
Signalling protocol: SIP Transport protocol: UDP Transport port: 5060
Compliancy with RFC3261, RFC3264, RFC3550 Early Offer support
No SIP registration needed
No Digest authentication needed
Compatibility with Cisco CUBE (Session Border Controller (SBC)) Media protocol: RTP
Supported codecs: G711alaw. G729
FAX protocol: T.38 must be supported DTMF RFC2833 support

The Servlce Provider shall provide at least two SIP switches or routers instances to avoid single point of failure between the NAMP SBCs and the first Service- Providers' SJP peers.
Quality of Service (doS) mechanisms must be enabled in the Service Provider network to prioritize voice traffic over any data or lowest priority traffic.
The Service Provider shall provide its own IP network up to the routers of NAMP.
Physical connectivity between the Service Provider network equipment and NAMP routers is need to be provided on RJ45 ports, 100/1000 Mbps speed, one-one port for each of both NAMP routers. NAMP doesn't provide network switch between the routers and the Service Provider network for connectivity.
The Service Provider shall ensure that all active network elements are capable for remote configuration and accessible by its own network management system.
In case of the Service Provider is not owner of the requested CallerlD range listed in chapter 4.2..2., it is the Service Provider responsibility to manage caller ID seamless transfer to its own infrastructure. NSPA is not willing to change already allocated and displayed PSTN phone numbers.
However, NSPA is managing calls on NSPA call manager, the Service Provider shall be capable and able to restrict call in/out based on commonly agree NSPA defined regions, countries or prefixes. The list will be negotiated based on technical possibilities at the Service Provider side as part of the technical amendment up of the Contract. The Service Provider shall insert basic information about its owned system capability of call in/out restriction set up.
The Service Provider shall be able to block calls to premium numbers, called Phone-Paid Services !ike horoscope service, TV completion or chat lines etc..

Mandatory Service Internet service

NSPA will use the Internet line to set up VPN connection between NSPA Capellen, Luxembourg and NAMP Papa Air Base Hungary. However, NSPA does not request dedicated VPN line, the Service Provider shall take responsibility to provide the shortest routing in Hungary until the trier hand over and collaborate with other countries service providers to transfer the VPN to the shortest routing as possible. The exact service hand over location in Cape!len Point of Presences and Capellen service provider information will be given to the contracted Service Provider only.
The Service Provider shall have at least two switches or routers instances to avoid single point of failure between the NAMP SBCs -and the first Service Providers' peers.
The Service Provider switches or routers need to be set up in NATO rack cabinet on NAM Comm┬Ánication Centre.
The Service Provider shall ensure that all active network elements are capable for remote configuration and accessible by its own network management system.
Service Provider is required to provide 4 x RJ45 ports, 100/1000 Mbps on each switches (8 ports all together) and one-one Single Mode Fibre SFP ports, 100/1000 Mbps on each switches (2 ports all together).
Internet service has to be 100 Mbps/download and 100 Mbps/upload bandwidth with 14 dedicated/fix IP addresses.
The Service Provider shall be responsible for restricting the traffic flow to the contracted bandwidth using traffic shaping or another similar technology.
For security reasons, the NSPA end device Internet router will be prdvided and managed by the NSPA network team. This means that the Service Provider shall not provide an- Internet router for NSPA.
NSPA's router will be configured by NSPA to reply to ICMP echo requests from a specific provider IP address. This set up will allow the Service Provider to regularly ping the router interfaces for testing connectivity and support quickly and easily detect a line failure.
The Service Provider have to set up technical details for the offered installation (IP addresses, negotiation type ...) including top-level network diagrafn(s) as part of the bidding documentation.

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