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Provision of Warehouse Equipment for Ukraine

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23 May 2019
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4 Jun 2019
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8 Jun 2019
12 Jun 2019
14 Jun 2019
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Provision of Warehouse Equipment for Ukraine

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LB - General and Cooperative Services Programme

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17 Jun 2019

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In the framework of the NATO Trust Fund on Logistics and Standardization, the improvement of supply chain management of the Ukraine Armed Forces (UAF) is the main objective. In that respect, key enablers are:
- Warehouse organization (WO). A properly organized and managed warehouse increases efficiency, effectiveness, and safety.
- Warehouse management system (WMS). A well-designed and implemented WMS provides a flexible, real-time inventory management tool.
Both play a key part in managing the supply chain and used to control the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse and process the associated transactions, including shipping, receiving, put-away, picking, packing, inventory control, etc.
The level of ambition for the equipping of the warehouses is an approved, modern, responsive and efficient warehouse organization compliant with NATO standards. This SOW addresses the equipping of the WO.
1.2. Outline Requirements
The outline requirement for the equipping of the WO is to provide the necessary warehousing equipment to UAF. The proposed solution is the establishment of Modern and Responsive Warehouse Equipment that has Full Operational Capability (FOC) not later than 29 November 2019.
1.3. Locations
There is one planned location (Odesa) and 6 optional locations (Mykolaiv, Kalynivka, Bohdanivka, Tsvitokha, Ichnia plus one to be determined). The precise details of all the locations will be provided after contract award.
2.1 Requested Materials
2.1.1 Appendix A is a comprehensive list in various categories of the warehouse equipment requirements. The tabs also refer to training, operating and other measures considered essential for an efficient warehouse operation.
2.1.2 The table below is a summary of the items and quantities required. Implicit in the provision of the equipment is the provision of a COC as appropriate and a list of the recommended spare parts and consumables for first and second level field maintenance and repair, required to support a period of 365 days continuous operation.

Planned Requirements
Electric forklift 1
Electric stacker 4
Pallet truck 4
Trolleys 12
Pallet wrapper 1
Pallet racking system 2 levels 230
Pallets 2000
Steel basket 80
Printer for barcodes 1
Barcodes scanner 12

Optional Requirements

Electric forklift 6
Electric stacker 21
Pallet truck 21
Trolleys 13
Pallet wrapper 6
Pallet racking system 2 levels 1150
Pallet racking system 3 levels 1380
Pallets 29200
Steel basket 20
Printer for barcodes 6
Barcodes scanner 36
Strapping equipment 5
Trailer 10

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