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Solar Photovoltaic System at Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay – Jamaica

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21 May 2019


21 May 2019


14 June 2019



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USTDA - United States Trade and Development Agency



Solar Photovoltaic System at Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay – Jamaica

OVERVIEW – MBJ Airports Limited (MBJ), the operator of Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, Jamaica, is inviting proposals for the procurement of a solar photovoltaic (PV) installation under an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) model at the Sangster International Airport. The preferred location for these installations is on the roof of the airport terminal, however, alternate locations have also been identified. The successful Proposer is expected to meet stringent safety, efficiency, environmental, and quality standards. The Proposer is also expected to employ management and operational personnel with experience and expertise in the provision of this service.

OBJECTIVE – MBJ’s goal is to reduce its reliance on power purchased from the national energy grid reducing its operating costs and carbon footprint in a sustainable manner. The initial solar PV installation has a target capacity of One Megawatt Alternating Current (1 MWac) and should be capable of supporting future expansions as the airport continues to grow.

SCOPE OF WORK – Proposer will be required to submit technical and financial proposals for the supply and installation of the solar PV systems, including all parts and labor required for installation, as well as control components, installation costs, commissioning costs and costs to train MBJ personnel on the operation and maintenance of the solar PV systems.

Technical Requirements for Proposed Solar PV Systems
•The supplied equipment shall be designed to operate for a minimum 20-year lifespan, and all components shall be of a robust, industrially proven design.
•The Contractor shall be responsible for all installation hardware, accessories, cable terminators, and conduits required to complete the installation.
•The Contractor shall be responsible for supplying and installing identification labels on all electrical equipment supplied by the contract and on all cable tray and cables installed in this contract, unless otherwise notified. Identification tag numbers are as per the approved drawings.
•The Contractor shall be responsible to secure and maintain safety for its working areas and for all openings the Contractor is creating to perform its works.
•The Contractor is responsible to provide as-built drawings.
•The installation of all equipment, be it supplied by the Contractor or Others, shall be performed in accordance with the Vendors’ specifications and recommendations.
•The system shall comply with the requirements of International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), the National Electric Safety Codes (NESC), and the Electric Utility Sector of Jamaica Generation Code (Generation Code).
•The Contractor shall review all the Vendor documents prior to installation and respect the instructions.
•When removing cable, no cable shall be cut unless the end can be seen from the cut location and the cable can be traced to the location of the cut. Contractor cable cutting procedure shall be reviewed with MBJ before cables are cut to ensure the correct cables are removed.
•All equipment shall be installed rigid and secure, plumb and level, and in true alignment with related and adjoining work.
•The Contractor shall install and connect the grounding cable for all equipment installed by the Contractor, and said grounding shall comply with the codes and standards of Jamaica and MBJ, or whichever is more rigorous.
•The system must be capable of responding to conditions outside of the norm, protecting itself and the utility distribution system. At minimum, the plant should incorporate the following protective functions namely anti-islanding, over/under voltage trip, over-current trip, over/under frequency trip.
•AC and DC Circuits are to be equipped with the appropriate Lightning Arrestors and grounded to the nearest point of earthing.
•The selected Company will be required to provide details in engineering drawings approved by Jamaica Public Service as part of the design and permitting process. Structural details should include, but are not limited to, the PV mounting fasteners, support structures, material specifications, grades and finishes, inverter pads, metering sections, monitoring and disconnect facilities and array layout drawings.
•The Contractor shall demonstrate that glare will not impact airspace safety and meets FAA glare analysis requirements (78 FR 63276).

The tender outlines specifications for the following additional project areas:
•PV Modules
•PV Mounting System
•Communications, Monitoring and Control
•Testing and Commissioning

REQUIREMENTS – Qualified bidders must have:
•Experience and success in the construction, implementation, and operation of a similar Project in terms of size and complexity;
•The financial capacity to successfully carry out the Scope of Work; and
•Demonstrated ability to provide excellent customer service, and to meet high environmental and quality standards at the best possible cost.

SELECTION CRITERIA – Proposals will be evaluated for the overall “best value” and MBJ will consider among other things:
•Company Profile
•Project Team and Experience
•Corporate and Financial References
•Programme of Works / Project Schedule
•Quality Assurance Plan
•Method Statement
•Delivery Timescale
•Safety Management Plan
•Any other criteria MBJ deems pertinent

DEADLINE – Sealed bids are due by 3:00 p.m. local time on June 14, 2019. Bids must be accompanied by a bid security of US $1,000.00.

There will be a pre-bid meeting and site tour on May 21, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. at the Sangster International Airport. The meeting can be streamed online, but the site tour will be excluded.

INSTRUCTIONS – The U.S. Commercial Service and the Political/Economic Section of the U.S. Embassy in Jamaica would like to support eligible U.S. firms in bidding on this project. Please reach out to Aamir Alavi,, Catherine Carter,, and Andrew Billard to receive:
•Bid invitation; and
•Additional information on how the U.S. Commercial Service can assist you in your sales efforts overseas.

ELIGIBILITY – Firms must meet U.S. Commercial Service export content requirements. Please reach out to the aforementioned contacts for additional details.

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