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RFP/2019/06: Proposal for Capacity building of community-based organization in support of sustainable livelihoods and inclusive local development planning and monitoring

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15 Apr 2019


15 April 2019


21 April 2019



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UNDP - United Nations Development Programme



RFP/2019/06: Proposal for Capacity building of community-based organization in support of sustainable livelihoods and inclusive local development planning and monitoring

Procurement Process : RFP - Request for proposal
Office : UNDP Country Office - JORDAN
Deadline : 21-Apr-19

Development Area : SERVICES SERVICES
Reference Number : 54869
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We kindly request you to submit your Proposal for Capacity building of community-based organization in support of sustainable livelihoods and inclusive local development planning and monitoring


The overall objective is to implement capacity building trainings for CBOs/CSOs to unlock the opportunities in partnering with private sector, accessing alternative financing, and SDG-enhancing investments. Particularly, by empowering civil society with new ideas and way of working, CBOs will be able to build partnerships with non-traditional development actors such as the private sector and academia. Further, they will be able to contribute meaningfully to the identification, implementation and monitoring of local economic development and investments.
Capacity building activities will include 20 CBOs from four governorates (i.e. Madaba, Tafilah, Ma'an and East Amman areas), with a special focus on gender equality and women empowerment. They will be joined by representatives from local government, academia and private sector. As a result, a total of 100 participants from these CBOs, preferably 50% of which are female, will be empowered to address and respond to the emerging community needs, and advocate for their sustainable livelihoods at the local level.
To ensure longer term sustainability and the roll-out to other communities in Jordan, a training manual will be developed. The CBOs participating in the training will also be encouraged to be part of a training of the trainers (ToT) approach which will allow for rolling out the training to other CBOs and communities.


Below outlines the tasks and deliverables for this assignment. The team will hold weekly meetings with the UNDP focal points to discuss progress made and to suggest and agree on any adjustments that may be required in the scope and approach.

Deliverable 1: Preparation of the capacity building of community-based organizations

Building on the network of CBOs of Mateen , identify and map key CBOs and other civil society organizations operating at governorate level supporting livelihoods and local economic development activities as well as activities related to social cohesion and preventing violent extremism. This mapping should include a brief assessment of their capacities to design and implement initiatives contributing to local economic development and the prevention of violent extremism. The mapping should also include to what extent they have previous experience of engaging in and working with the local private sector, in designing investment opportunities as well as experience in designing and accessing innovative financing. Women empowerment and gender mainstreaming at the community level should also be considered. Important to note that this rapid mapping exercise should be conducted in four governorates as a pilot study.

Based on this capacity analysis, develop capacity building plan for CBOs in the above areas. This capacity building plan should include and be underpinned by human-centered design and design thinking approaches to ensure that future activities are locally rooted and engage stakeholders to achieve impact. Additionally, the new way of doing business through private sector engagement, development of community project proposals, and business innovation should be introduced throughout the training. UNDP will assist in finding trainers/ institutions familiar with design thinking and human-centered approaches.

Deliverable 2: Capacity building of community-based organizations

Provide short trainings for CBOs and other stakeholders. Trainings will use a ToT approach focusing on 4 governorates (to be selected in consultation with UNDP). These trainers would then be expected to provide trainings in other governorates. Lessons learned and best practices should be documented.

Deliverable 3: Capacity building training manual

Develop a capacity building training manual with a focus on private sector engagement, access to financing, alternative financing, development of business model, and project proposal writing. Women empowerment and gender mainstreaming at the community level should also be emphasized. Share the first draft of training manual with UNDP focal points at least one week prior to the training session.

Based on the lessons learned from the capacity building training, revise the training manual as needed and finalize it to be fully utilized for similar capacity building training for different CBOs within the Kingdom, with an aim of scaling up this capacity building model.

The training manual should be accompanied by the development of other communication materials capturing good practices and examples, small videos/ etc. Options of online sharing and networking between trained participants should be explored so that a community of practice evolves.

Qualification of the successful bidder
Minimum 5 years of experience in capacity building and research particularly to link civil society/CBOs/CSOs with private sector.
Qualifications of Key Personnel who are envisaged to carry out the deliverables. As part of the bidding process, please provide the CVs of key personnel (2 civil society trainers and civil society coordinator/project assistant). CVs should demonstrate qualifications in areas relevant to the Scope of Services.
Past record and evidence of excellent performance in implementing capacity building projects.

Please be guided by the form attached hereto as Annex 2, in preparing your Proposal.

Technical Proposals may be submitted on or before Sunday, April 21, 2019 at 12pm and via email to the following address:

United Nations Development Programme

Following the technical evaluation, you will be contacted to provide the financial offer only if you have passed the score of 70%.

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