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Titre du projet

Somalia Capacity Advancement, Livelihoods and Entrepreneurship, through Digital Uplift Project (SCALED-UP)

Early intelligence
14 mar 2019
Action plan / Procurement plan
19 fév 2020


14 mars 2019

Closing date

30 juin 2023



Type d'approvisionnement

Services , Equipements, Emplois



Bailleur de fonds

WB - Banque Mondiale

Durée estimée

51 mois



The development objective of Capacity Advancement, Livelihoods and Entrepreneurship through Digital Uplift Project for Somalia is to support progress towards increased access to basic digital financial and government services targeting entrepreneurship and employment, particularly for women. This project has three components. 1) The first component, Strengthening Institutions, is focused on stabilizing core government functions enabling access to services for individuals and businesses. 2) The second component, Enabling Financial and Digital Services, focuses on increasing individuals’ and businesses’ access to services that expand economic opportunities and help restore resilience in a gender-sensitive manner. 3) The third component, Project Management and Coordination, aims to fund project management and coordination activities.

Project ID P168115
Country Somalia
Region Africa
Status Active
Approval Date (as of board presentation) March 7, 2019
Closing Date June 30, 2023
Total Project Cost** US$ 31.00 million
Commitment Amount US$ 18.00 million
Team Leader Thilasoni Benjamin Musuku, Axel Rifon Perez