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Road Asset Management Project - National Transport Modeler

Programme National / Plan d'Action
Tender / Procurement notice
12 fév 2019
Re-advertisement / Re-launch
14 mar 2019
Re-advertisement / Re-launch
14 jui 2019


14 mars 2019

Date limite

21 mars 2019


23 282 USD

Type d'approvisionnement

Consultants indépendants


50062-001 Package National Transport Modeler

Bailleur de fonds

ADB - Banque Asiatique de Développement

Durée estimée

6 mois



Date Published: 14-Mar-2019 Deadline of Submitting EOI: 21-Mar-2019 11:59 PM Manila local time


Selection Profile

Consultant Type Individual
Selection Method Individual Consultants Selection (ICS)
Source National
Technical Proposal Not Applicable

Selection Title Road Asset Management Project

Package Number
Package Name National Transport Modeler

Advance Action No

Engagement Period 6 MONTH

Consulting Services Budget USD 23,283

Budget Type Maximum

Approval Number 0508
Approval Date 31-Oct-2016
Estimated Short-listing Date 20-Feb-2019
Estimated Commencement Date 27-Feb-2019

Open to non-Member Countries No

Additional Information
Possibility of contract extension Not known
Possibility of consideration for downstream assignment Not known
Indefinite Delivery Contract (IDC) No

Country of assignment Afghanistan

Country of eligibility for national consultants Same as country of assignment

Contact Information
Project Officer Khwaja Hamidullah Sidiqi
Email pmo.recruitment@gmail.com


Primary Agency Country Agency Role
Ministry of Finance Afghanistan Executing Agency
Ministry of Public Works Afghanistan Implementing Agency

Publishing History

Type Publication Date Published By Duration of Advertisement Deadline
Original 12-Feb-2019 Ministry of Public Works 7 DAYS 18-Feb-2019
Re-Advertisement 14-Mar-2019 Ministry of Public Works 8 DAYS 21-Mar-2019

Cost Estimate

Cost Items Amount in USD

Remuneration and Other Expenses
All activities and inputs in the TOR but not limited to remuneration, per diem, air travel, miscellaneous travel expenses, report preparation, production, and transmission, land transportation, communications, etc. 18,780
Contingency 4,502


Terms of Reference

Expertise Civil Engineering/Transportation Engineering

Expertise Group Accounting, Auditing & Statistics
TOR Keywords National Data Modeler

Source National

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

The Ministry of Public Works (MPW) is currently implementing the Road Asset Management Project (RAMP),
which is financed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) as its initial step towards sustainability in
Afghanistan’s transport sector development. The proposed project aims to (i) initiate establishment of a
sustainable road maintenance system for the country’s major highways and (ii) develop the Ministry of
Public Works (MPW)’s capacity in roads operation and maintenance (O&M). The project’s two major
components are road maintenance and road asset management system (RAM System). The road maintenance
component will provide periodic maintenance for two sections of the national highways, namely (i) Kabul–
Jalalabad highway (excluding the section under pilot subproject section), and (ii) the Kabul–Kandahar
highway from Kabul to Ghazni. The RAMS component will develop a RAM System as a primary decision-support
tool to help the MPW plan and manage road O&M. This will build on previous efforts, especially the road
network inventory developed under the World Bank’s NRAP. A proper asset management system will help the
MPW ensure objective planning and improve road serviceability, and cost-effectiveness utilization.

Scope of Work

The consultant will carry out the following tasks: (i)the conceptual design of a RAM system architecture
that is most suitable for Afghanistan; (ii) assist the RAMS team in gaps analysis that will reconcile
the achievements to date in the different capacity and institution building (CIB) components, related to
RAMS, with the conceptual design; (iii) assist the RAMS team in complete system development based on the
results of the gap analysis, actively address the different identified gaps to ensure full system
development; and (iv) a system testing, which involves the process of testing and debugging the system
to address any malfunctions and to assure quality of system output.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

1. The data modeler will assist the RAMP team and MPW in developing a strategic approach to road
maintenance that will provide for more effective use of resources, the ability to better justify
investments and communicate resource needs to high-level decisionmakers, and increased road safety and a
reduction in vehicle operating costs for the road user.
2. Work with RAMP team and MPW to develop a road network inventory of road assets and their current condition/performance level, treatment history, etc.
3. Develop a systematic approach for MPW to use in addressing small and large road maintenance and reconstruction projects.
4. Develop scenarios that address network-wide maintenance needs and prioritize road projects within
given budget parameters.
5. Work with RAMP and MPW to establish estimates of maintenance needs and costs, as well as MPW O&M implementation plan.
6. Establish performance goals and levels of service for Strategic Road Network.
7. Identify strategies required to achieve a state of good repair across the road network.
8. Predict future traffic demand on critical road assets and identify required levels of service.
9. Work with RAMP team and MPW to identify the best investment strategies for operations, maintenance,
replacements, and improvement.
10. Conduct sessions and interviews to gather data requirements.
11. Perform enterprise and project data modeling, including model consolidation and integration.
12. Document, develop, and maintain data models in HDM-4 or equivalent modeling tools.
13. Experience with data mapping and validation of the data’s life cycle.
14. Develop training material for and train MPW staff on the role of data administration.
15. Contribute information to support the preparation of MPW O&M budget.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

1. Bachelor’s degree or greater in Civil Engineering Transportation Engineering, Urban Planning, or
similar field with a strong emphasis on transportation planning or engineering. Master is preferred.
2. At least 2 years’ experience in transportation asset management.
3. Strong expertise in understanding and applying analytical outputs from transportation asset
management modelling tools such as HDM-4 or similar.
4. Strong understanding of transportation asset management, and issues related to: policy, funding, and
land use.
5. Experience developing large data sets.
6. Experience training others in using road asset management tools, developing and maintaining data
sets, etc.
7. Knowledge and experience in using road asset condition criteria, assessment methodologies and
determining road asset treatment options for all common types of road assets.
8. Knowledge of strategic road asset management planning and forecasting, along with knowledge of asset management information systems
9. User and ability to extract and analyze data from such systems for modelling, forecasting and
prioritizing of works.
10. Familiarity with infrastructure economics and experience developing road asset management policies.
11. Familiarity with public infrastructure finance issues related to developing countries.
12. Develop presentations/reports on state of road assets, maintenance needs and relationship to
different budget scenarios with the aim of achieving the required levels of performance,
13. Excellent verbal and writing skills in English and Dari, and experience writing a variety of
deliverable types, including technical memorandum, reports, and training materials.

Minimum General Experience 7 Years
Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment) 5 Years
Regional/Country Experience Desired

Schedule and Places of Assignment (chronological and inclusive of travel)

Schedule Type Continuous

Max. Working Days/Week Home Office 5
Field 6

City and Country Working Days Estimated Start Date Estimated End Date
Kabul, Afghanistan 132 27-Feb-2019 26-Aug-2019