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11 Feb 2019


11 February 2019


13 February 2019



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AFD - Agence Française de Développement

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Pays: Jordanie
Date de publication: Fev 11, 2019
Date limite (heure locale): Février 13, 2019 - 00:59
Agence de financement: Agence Française de Développement - Agence de Financement
Acheteur: JORDAN - Action Against Hunger

Langue d'origine: Anglais


Adresse : Tender Departement
Action Against Hunger Jordan
Téléphone: + 962 778 304 474

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• 79300000 - Études de marché et recherche économique; sondages et statistiques

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Action Against Hunger is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-religious global humanitarian organisation committed to ending world hunger. Recognised as a leader in the fight against malnutrition, Action Against Hunger works to save the lives of malnourished children while working with communities to provide sustainable and long-term solutions to hunger.

Action Against Hunger is operating in Jordan since 2013, implementing Food Security & Livelihoods (FSL), Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH), and Mental Health and Care Practices programmes with vulnerable Jordanian and Syrian communities.

Action Against Hunger is currently looking for an external consultant to conduct a Labour Market Assessment to guide decision-making processes for the employability strategy, as well as to provide a greater understanding of current and future estimated trends of the labour market in Jordan.


The overall objective of the consultancy is to enable Action Against Hunger to get a deeper understanding of the labour market in Jordan and identify sectors with growing workforce demand and potential economic growth. The labour market assessment should target Amman, Irbid, Madaba and Zarqa Governorates.

Specific objectives:

Phase I:

1. Desk review: provide a comprehensive overview of the current legal, economic and social framework, through the review of available secondary data, key informants interviews and analysis of livelihoods projects implemented in Jordan in the last 24 months.

2. Stakeholders mapping: including, but not limited to, local authorities, chamber of commerce, trade unions, employers’ associations, vocational training centers, job placement centers/employment service providers, NGOs and universities.

3. Gaps and barriers: identify challenges and barriers to the access to the labour market, taking in consideration gender, age and nationality diverse needs and opportunities. The assessment will include the identification of the main barriers for economic inclusion of refugees in Jordan, not limited to Syrians.

4. Value chains: following the geographical delimitation provided, identify growth sectors and 3 to 4 key value chains**. Identification of the value chains will be done in coordination with Action Against Hunger.**

Phase II:

5. Value chain analysis: analyze the selected value chains, identifying main gaps for employment and potential interventions to promote increased labour demand. The inception report should include detailed information related to the methodology approach to undertake the analysis (including minimum number and type of KIIs and FGDs);

6. Skills gap: evaluate the matching of skills supply and demand in the labour market, focusing on the sectors included in the identified value chains.

7. Validation: conduct a final presentation to disseminate and validate the results of the assessment.


The consultant is expected to submit a preliminary report after the conclusion of Phase I (Objective 1, 2, 3 and 4), 15 working days after the signature of the service contract. Phase II (Objectives 5, 6 and 7) will form part of the final version of the labour market assessment, to be submitted 30 working days after the signature of the service contract. Action Against Hunger and the consultant will agree on a timeframe and include it in the service contract.

Key deliverables:

Inception report: including agreed methodology and research methods, data collection and analysis procedures, list of secondary data to be reviewed and proposed table of content;

Preliminary report referring to Phase I (Objectives 1, 2, 3 and 4);

First draft of the final labour market assessment, including all the Specific Objectives;

A final report, incorporating the feedback from Action Against Hunger on the first draft (electronic copy in .pdf and .doc formats).

Electronic copy of data collections tools and primary data collected.

A workshop to disseminate the main findings with Action Against Hunger technical team.

3. Methodology & implementation

Bids should include the proposed methodology, including quantitative and qualitative data collection, work-plan and requested budget. The proposed methodology should address all the mentioned objectives and show gender and age sensitivity.

4. Implementation Arrangement/logIstic

The Consultant will be engaged up to the submission and upon approval of the final report by Action Against Hunger and the assignment will be administered through a lump sum contract arrangement. Action Against Hunger technical team shall be responsible for examination and inspection of the consultant’s reports.

Action Against Hunger technical focal points for this consultancy will be the Food Security & Livelihoods Head of Department.


The consultancy assignment is expected to be conducted over a period of 30 working days.

6. Starting Date of the work : 24th of February 2019 pending of signature of the contract with donoris

Local contract status

Languages required: English and Arabic

Technical requirements: proved experience conducting labour/livelihoods/market studies in the Middle East. At least 5 years of experience with livelihoods/business start-up/employability programmes


Before the dead line, You are kindly requested to submit the following documents to the ( ) mentioning (Labor market assessment ) in the subject

Required documents:

Technical proposal

Financial offer

CV for the consultants

Registration documents if you are applying through company