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Strengthening Public-Private Partnerships in the Philippines - Indv 2020-20 IT Systems Audit Specialist Tender / Procurement notice

The consultant shall: (i) identify all existing inherent and potential risks and vulnerabilities related to the PPP Center's network connections, firewalls, systems, media, devices, setup, and facilities as stated in the Detailed Tasks below; (ii) assess the overall setup and configuration of the PPP Center in the use and access of the data information; (iii) assess risk and security on the operating system platforms, database storage, and virtualized environment; (iv) recommend action plans on how to mitigate the identified risks and secure PPP Center from internal and external intrusions; (v) strengthen the IT systems security and availability through formulation or improvement of IT policies; (vi) recommend the IT hardware, software, licenses, certificates, or security measures to protect the PPP Center in the day to day operations; and (vii) conduct capacity building to the PPP Center IT staff on IT audit techniques and assessment of risks and vulnerabilities in IT systems.


ADB 25 000  USD 3 Авг 2020 9 Авг 2020
Managing Motor Vehicle Stocks in Developing Countries and the Global Trade in 2nd-hand Vehicles and Vehicle Parts that Supply Them Request / Invitation for expression of interest

The objective of the work under this assignment will be to document and collect evidence on how motorization management policies can be shaped to foster a shift to cleaner technologies and fuels specifically in developing countries that are primarily reliant on imports of second-hand motor vehicles for their vehicle stock growth, that is, countries for which domestic production or imports of new vehicles amounts to only a small proportion of year-on-year vehicle growth.


WB   3 Авг 2020 17 Авг 2020
PRE-BID Meeting for the installation of CCTV Cameras in UNICEF Lucknow  Tender / Procurement notice

UNICEF Office for Uttar Pradesh is having its office at B-3/258, Vishal Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow and proposes to invite sealed offers for hiring an agency for supplying, installation and maintenance of Close Circuit Televisions (CCTVs)


UNICEF   3 Авг 2020 6 Авг 2020
Strengthening Public-Private Partnerships in the Philippines - Indv 2020-17 Public Infrastructure and PPP Policy Development Specialist Tender / Procurement notice

The consultant shall assist the PPP Center in pushing for the passage of the PPP Act in both Houses of Congress through advocacy efforts with different stakeholders in the public and private sectors. This shall include the conduct of consultations, meetings with relevant stakeholders, and other necessary activities. In addition, the consultant shall also develop a communications strategy to boost support for the PPP Act. Finally, the consultant shall also assist and capacitate the PPP Center in techniques and strategies in managing stakeholders and effective communications with the public.


ADB 25 000  USD 3 Авг 2020 9 Авг 2020
United Kingdom-London: Technical testing, analysis and consultancy services Tender / Procurement notice

BEIS would like to appoint a contractor to undertake testing a variable quantity of electrical and electronic equipment in accordance with BS EN/IEC 62321 to verify compliance with the following Regulations or equivalent (and any amendments to these) as necessary over a potential 24-month period.

• UK Statutory Instrument 2012 No 3032 — implementing Directive 2011/65/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council with regard to the restriction of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

The contract will be for an initial term of 5 months with the option to extend on the same terms for a further 19 months. Therefore the contract value of GBP 800 000 is based upon the full 24- month duration.


UK DBIS, UK DECC 800 000  GBP 3 Авг 2020 1 Сен 2020