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Installation of Urban Infrastructure (equipment) Ezerani Nature Park  Request for quotation

Северная Македония

UNDP   20 Июл 2019 31 Июл 2019
Quotation for Supply of submersible solar-powered water pumps and solar collectors  Request for quotation


UNDP   20 Июл 2019 5 Авг 2019
Strengthening Project Preparation Capacity in Asia and the Pacific - Supporting Preparation of Infrastructure Projects with Private Sector Participation in Asia Pacific (Subproject 4) - #4 PAL: Social Safeguard Specialist Tender / Procurement notice

The Advisor will firstly perform a desktop review of the data and/or information provided by PPUC and comment on the available documents based on international standards, industry best practices and its experience similar projects. Site verification will be required to ensure that written provisions capture actual site conditions. Please note that many of the activities will run concurrently and would require iteration and/or updates as the transaction evolves, on which the Advisor shall flexibly work in view of the nature of the Project.


ADB 98 000  USD 20 Июл 2019 26 Июл 2019
Regional: Southeast Asia Public Management, Financial Sector, and Trade Policy Facility  Early intelligence

The transaction technical assistance (TA) facility will provide technical support, capacity building, and policy advice to prepare a series of ensuing programs and projects to strengthen public management, financial sector, and trade policies in the Southeast Asian developing member countries (DMCs) of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) during 2019-2022. The TA facility will combine supports for policy and reform actions required by the Southeast Asian DMCs to prepare various policy-based and project loans during 2019-2021. The TA facility, therefore, enables ADB to strengthen its engagement with policies and reforms in the Southeast Asian DMCs, thereby strengthening results and outcomes of the reforms, catalyzing resources needed for development, strengthening ADB's knowledge services and support to the DMCs, and improving ADB''s response to client needs with respect to policy designs, capacity building, and knowledge management.

Камбоджа, Индонезия, Лаос, Мьянмар, Филиппины, Вьетнам

ADB   20 Июл 2019
Data Acquisition System and Detectors for Radiotracer Industrial Applications in Algeria (RAF7018) #80751 (Re-bid) Re-advertisement / Re-launch


IAEA   20 Июл 2019 2 Авг 2019