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Lieu Bailleur de fonds Budget Publié Date limite
Construction, Solid Waste Transfer Station  Tender / Procurement notice

•Construction, completion and maintenance of Ramallah Transfer Station

Palestine / Cisjordanie et Bande de Gaza

GTAI   17 fév 2020 30 mar 2020
North Macedonia-Skopje: Electricity Contract notice

Supplier of electricity for the needs of the City of Skopje.

Macédoine du Nord

EC 100 200 000  MKD 17 fév 2020 13 mar 2020
Restoring and equipping of 2Citizen Service Center Re-advertisement / Re-launch


UNDP   17 fév 2020 2 mar 2020
Mobile Vehicle Barrier and Extraction Kits Request for quotation


UNDP   17 fév 2020 2 mar 2020
Supply and Installation, Wastewater Treatment Plant  Tender / Procurement notice

Supply of equipment and installation for the Yangzhou Wastewater Treatment Plant, Phase III. (a) Rehabilitation of the existing WWTP Phase I and II with a treatment capacity of 180,000 m3/d (screens, stirrers, blowers, effluent decanters) (b) Extension of the Phase III of the biological treatment with 80,000 m3/d (coarse screens, inlet pumping station, fine screens, grit trap, aeration, blowers, mixers, secondary sedimentation, effluent disinfection, deodorization system, sludge thickening and dewatering) (c) Further treatment stages (pumping station, V-filters, ozonation)


GTAI   17 fév 2020 7 avr 2020