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El objeto del presente concurso es contratar una empresa supervisora (en adelante Supervisor) acreditada y/o certificada bajo estándares de calidad normados nacional o internacionalmente, que sea afín a la finalidad de estos TdR y que esté homologadas ante el Ente Costarricense de Acreditación (ECA) para la supervisión de la ejecución de las obras “Intersección Guadalupe, San José (Costa Rica)”. El servicio que se contrata comprende toda la asistencia que necesite el representante del Empleador para el cumplimiento de sus funciones mientras dure el contrato y que incluye las siguientes actividades principales.

Costa Rica

UNOPS   19 oct 2018 15 nov 2018
Long Term Agreement for On-Line Access to High Spatial Resolution and High-Cadence Remote Sensing Image Services – Global Coverage  Request / Invitation for expression of interest

Long Term Agreement for On-Line Access to High Spatial Resolution and High-Cadence Remote Sensing Image Services – Global Coverage


FAO   19 oct 2018 6 nov 2018
Supply of equipment (office furniture) for Public Prosecutor's Offices countrywide, PPO for organised crime and Ministry of Justic Modification / Revision / Corrigendum

The subject of the contract is the supply, delivery, unloading, installation and putting into operation of office furniture to the Public Prosecutor's Offices countrywide, PPO for organised crime and Ministry of Justice.

Macédoine, Ancienne République de Yougoslavie

EC   19 oct 2018 30 oct 2018
Liberia MOH Project Management Office – Supply Chain project management specialist Request for proposal

SCOPE The terms of reference for this work are as follows: International TA to lead the project management support 1) This ToR sets out to recruit a supply chain project management specialist, reporting to the Chief Medical Office, responsible to coordinate the planning, activities, resources and reporting required as a part of the implementation of the Liberian MoH supply chain system transformation project. 2) The overall objective of the transformation project is to improve product availability 3) The project has 6 work streams, as follows: a. Critical near term interventions to improve product availability i. Central Medical Stores (CMS) national warehouse relocation ii. CMS warehouse management implementation iii. Immediate distribution opportunities via the CMS quarterly distribution push iv. Supply chain SOP updates, implementation and review/continuous improvement v. CMS operational structure and capabilities b. Improving data availability and data use c. Improving product availability d. Reforming the CMS, relaunch the institution e. Mapping of funding and streamlining access to the funds f. Management and coordination of supply chain reform


GF   19 oct 2018 16 nov 2018
Support to Upper Secondary Reform in Brazil Operation Action plan / Procurement plan

The development objective of the Support to the Upper Secondary Education Reform Operation Project for Brazil is to strengthen the capacity of the state secretariats of education to implement the upper secondary reform, prioritizing vulnerable schools, and to increase the index of basic education development in targeted fulltime upper secondary schools in Brazil’s territory. This operation is consistent with the emerging priorities of the new Brazil country partnership framework (CPF) for the Federative Republic of Brazil in which the education sector is explicitly mentioned as a key area of intervention within the first focus area - fiscal consolidation and government effectiveness. The program complies with the criteria for prioritizing the World Bank engagement by combining government demand with the World Bank’s comparative advantage. The design and implementation of the upper secondary education reform require a focus on institutions and capacity building, as well as incentives for achieving results. The program has three key indicators: (a) number of states where at least 40 percent of schools have implemented the new curricula; (b) number of states where at least 50 percent of vulnerable schools have implemented the new curricula; and (c) percentage change in the basic education development index (IDEB) in targeted full-time school (FTS).


WB 250 000 000  USD 19 oct 2018