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Skills for Competitiveness Project - Electrical Technology - Intl - ICS 3 Competency- based curriculum and training module/equipment assessment  Tender / Procurement notice

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment The Skills for Competitiveness project is to support the national priority of modernizing and transforming Cambodia’s industrial structure from labor-intensive to skills-driven by 2025. The project plans to develop human resources in higher value-added industries by (i) strengthening selected public post-secondary technical training institutes (TTIs) in priority sectors and locations; (ii) promoting work-based learning programs to upskill the current workforce; and (iii) supporting the government’s planned skills development fund.


ADB 40 000  USD 20 jui 2019 31 jui 2019
Data Acquisition System and Detectors for Radiotracer Industrial Applications in Algeria (RAF7018) #80751 (Re-bid) Re-advertisement / Re-launch


IAEA   20 jui 2019 2 aoû 2019
National Media Publicity  Tender / Procurement notice

In order to meet the overall campaign objectives, the content and messaging produced for this campaign must evoke strong positive emotions among individual viewers, listeners, social media users, or consumers of other media in Ethiopia and ultimately highlight thematics of people-to-people engagement and understanding. Messaging and visuals should clearly promote the ideals of democratic society and economic prosperity through highlighting positive impacts of U.S. assistance.


USAID   20 jui 2019 19 aoû 2019
Producción de Campaña Digital: Hábitos saludables en NNAs  Request for proposal

Una de las estrategias que aportarán a lograr este objetivo es la generación de una campaña de comunicación con enfoque de promoción de hábitos saludables para evitar el aumento del sobrepeso y la obesidad destinada a NNA con una metodología innovadora que pueda generar sensibilización del problema y promueva cambios en el estilo de vida de la población, para así disminuir el aumento de la prevalencia de sobrepeso y obesidad en los NNA ecuatorianos.


UNICEF   20 jui 2019 9 aoû 2019
Strengthening Project Preparation Capacity in Asia and the Pacific - Supporting Preparation of Infrastructure Projects with Private Sector Participation in Asia Pacific (Subproject 4) - #4 PAL: Social Safeguard Specialist Tender / Procurement notice

The Advisor will firstly perform a desktop review of the data and/or information provided by PPUC and comment on the available documents based on international standards, industry best practices and its experience similar projects. Site verification will be required to ensure that written provisions capture actual site conditions. Please note that many of the activities will run concurrently and would require iteration and/or updates as the transaction evolves, on which the Advisor shall flexibly work in view of the nature of the Project


ADB 98 000  USD 20 jui 2019 26 jui 2019