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Technical Assistance to Customs Authorities in Nine West Africa Countries on Risk Management and Trusted Traders programs Request / Invitation for expression of interest

The WBG is seeking a firm to develop and deliver a risk management program for customs administrations in nine West Africa countries (SN, ML, BF, CI, GH, TG, BJ, NE, NG) under the TFWA program. The aim is to enhance current or build up anew trusted trader (TT) programs that enable the customs administrations to have sound risk management practices that achieves an objective of a minimum of 20% of importations cleared under the TT program.

Multi-pays: Afrique de l'Ouest

WB   19 sep 2019 3 oct 2019
Gardening & Janitorial Services Clarification / Questions & Answers

Request for Proposal (RFP) for Common Area Gardening and Janitorial Services for select U.S. Embassy properties.


USSTATE   19 sep 2019 23 sep 2019
Appointment of a Service Provider at the DBSA for the Development of the SADC Regional Gas Master Plan – Phase One Update

The purpose of this assignment is to provide those tasked with championing the development of the SADC region’s natural gas resources with a strategic framework and blueprint to take advantage of the enormous opportunities that have arisen as a result of the discovery of commercially exploitable quantities of natural gas in SADC Member States (principally, but not exclusively).

Afrique du Sud

DBSA, SADC   19 sep 2019 8 oct 2019
Medizinische Schutzkleidung. Liberia  Contract notice

Medizinische Schutzkleidung


GIZ   19 sep 2019 16 oct 2019
Production of video documentary for HBW’s project “Economic Empowerment of Women Home-based Workers and Excluded Groups in Pakistan”  Request for proposal

We aim to show the audience how the Project contributes towards eradicating poverty, help towards building the economy and to empower women. For this, the documentary needs to focus on brining into light the success of project in supporting HBWs in four districts, out of the total six targeted districts, highlighting the approaches that worked for us in effective implementation of this project, best practices, achievements and real impacts in the target areas. The focus will also be on underlining the passage of HBWs Law in Sindh and the way forward.


UNW   19 sep 2019 28 sep 2019