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The Provision of Podcasts and Short Videos -Tech for Good  Request for quotation

Review existing ITU interviews from selected ITU interviews filmed in 2019 Edit 9 x 7¡¦ podcasts Edit and illustrate 9 x 1¡¦ and 9 x 3¡¦ videos with existing footage and interviews Supply original footage (cleared for all uses) Create suitable graphics


ITU   20 jul 2019 29 jul 2019
REQ 75965 - Radiochromic films - CRO6016  Request for quotation

Set of 50 radiochromic films (min size 30cm x 30cm) for the evaluation of skin doses during fluoroscopy guided procedures (interventional radiology and cardiology).


IAEA   20 jul 2019 19 ago 2019
Establishment of a Long Term Agreement for the Supply/Provision of Technical Support and Management Services for Alcatel-Lucent products.  Re-advertisement / Re-launch

UNFPA’s Procurement Services Branch wishes to enter into non-exclusive Long Term Agreements (LTAs) with qualified suppliers for goods/services in support of UNFPA’s Programmes located in USA. As a result of this competitive Bid process, UNFPA plans to sign non-exclusive Long-Term Agreements (LTAs) with a single supplier for 5 years

Estados Unidos de América

UNFPA   20 jul 2019 19 ago 2019
Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in-country call for proposals for Uganda 2019 Clarification / Questions & Answers

The specific objectives of this call for proposals are: 1. To promote youth employment opportunities and agency 2. To promote sound and transparent governance of Uganda's natural resources 3. To enhance the capacity of the media in development


EC 4 700 000  EUR 20 jul 2019 1 ago 2019
USAID Forest and Biodiversity Support Activity (FABS) Request for proposal

This activity supports USAID’s Central Africa Regional Program for the Environment’s (CARPE) Development Objective; the ecological integrity of the humid forest ecosystem of the Congo Basin maintained. The purpose of this activity is to assist CARPE and other environmental stakeholders in the Congo Basin to implement strategies and actions that address the large-scale threats to biodiversity conservation and forest management.

Congo, República Democrática del

USAID   20 jul 2019 17 sep 2019