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Dem Rep Congo - Western Growth Poles  Update

The development objective of the Western Growth Poles Project for Democratic Republic of Congo is to increase productivity and employment in selected value chains in target zones in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The project has four components. The first component is agriculture value chains development in Bas-Congo. This component will increase the agricultural supply capabilities of farmers? organizations and provide basic rural infrastructure in order to strengthen the targeted value chains and better supply markets, including Kinshasa. This component will finance consultant services to provide technical assistance (TA) and support services to farmers organizations and benefiting institutions; works (the construction of technical and collection platforms, rural roads and upgrading of electricity network); and goods and equipment. This component has following two sub-components: (i) enhancing agricultural supply capabilities; and (ii) support to rural infrastructures. ...

Congo, Democratic Republic of the

WB 114 700 000  USD 22 Oct 2019
Exécution des travaux de fourniture et installation de systèmes de vidéo-surveillance  Request for quotation


UNDP   22 Oct 2019 4 Nov 2019
Czech Republic-Prague: Development of an Advanced Interference Detection and Robustness Capabilities System Contract notice

The scope of the procurement is to: — design, develop the IT infrastructure and relevant software for a worldwide advanced interference detection system accessible from internet, following a cloud computing model, where third-party providers offer software applications to consumers over the internet, — run a pre-operational testing phase to verify the functionalities of the system. The purpose of the procurement is to improve GNSS interference detection capabilities of spectrum management authorities, which are currently limited (either geographically and in reporting capabilities).vent.

Czech Republic

EC 3 200 000  EUR 22 Oct 2019 23 Jan 2020
Puhovichi Solid Waste Project General procurement notice

Design and construction of EU Compliant regional sanitary landfill and waste sorting facility (open two stage tender); Operation and maintenance vehicles and machinery and supply of waste collection containers (open single stage tender).


EBRD 7 000 000  EUR 22 Oct 2019
Consulting Services, Implementation of the Deposit Guarantee Fund Re-advertisement / Re-launch

The objective of the overall project is to fund and operationalize the Deposit Guarantee Fund (DGF) in Mozambique. Consultant services are required as preparatory measures to reach the overall target. The consultant shall propose a team of two experts, a legal expert and an expert with international experience in deposit protection systems. The required experts should have worked at a deposit protection agency in the past, particularly in Europe or North America or Africa where there is a longer experience with the provision of financial safety nets.


GTAI   22 Oct 2019 6 Nov 2019