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Consultor Subregional en Asistencia Técnica (Se requieren 3 consultores) Tender / Procurement notice

El Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo (PNUD) invita a presentar cotización para Consultor Subregional en Asistencia Técnica (Se requieren 3 consultores).


UNDP   2 Jun 2020 15 Jun 2020
Pre-Qualification to provide Operations and Maintenance of PIDEC JAIP Tender / Procurement notice

The UNDP among others is searching to contract a qualified entity (referred to as the Service Provide) to mobilize the needed team to manage PICDEC for a 12-month period. The general objective of the contract with the organization is to successfully manage that the institutional and operational set-up of PICDEC will be finalized (phase 0) and the full operation of the Center is launched (initiating phase 1). Based on performance there will be a possibility of extending the contract

Palestine / West Bank and Gaza

UNDP   2 Jun 2020 22 Jun 2020
Sustaining Access to and Quality of Education During Economic Difficulties Project Invitation for bids

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports (“the Employer”) invites sealed bids from eligible Bidders for the construction and completion of CW-18: Civil Works for Construction of Nalaikh district, 7th khoroo, new kindergarten with 240 beds (“the Works”).


ADB   2 Jun 2020 29 Jun 2020
Water Supply Project in the Great Banjul Area (WASIB)  Invitation for expressions of interest

The Services of the consultant shall consist in the following: • To conduct preliminary design and detailed design of all works included in the medium term component – including emvironmental and social impact assessment, resettlement action plan, awareness campaign and support program toward gender balance issues. ...

Gambia, The

AFD   2 Jun 2020 13 Jul 2020
UKPFMS. Selection of service provider for scanning and digtization of HR Records for staff working and retired for Uttarakahnd Government  Invitation for bids

National Open Competitive procurement for Selection of Service Provider for Scanning and Digitization of Human Resources Records for S taff Working and Retired from Uttarakhand Government through E-Procurement


WB   2 Jun 2020 8 Jun 2020