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Supply and Installation of Balance CCTV System for Mail Building & New Ward Complex at KSF Hospital in Godagama, Matara.  Request for quotation

The scope includes Supply and Installation of Balance CCTV System for Mail Building & New Ward Complex at KSF Hospital in Godagama, Matara

Sri Lanka

UNOPS   3 Aug 2020 7 Aug 2020
Strengthening Public-Private Partnerships in the Philippines - Indv 2020-19 Program and Curriculum Development and Management Specialist Tender / Procurement notice

The consultant shall build the capacity of the PPP Center on KM and strengthen its existing KM program and help ensure its sustainability as a robust tool that can support and maintain the PPP Center's position as the central coordinating and monitoring agency for all PPP projects in the Philippines. The consultant will primarily provide its technical assistance and share its KM expertise with the PPP Center officials and staff, with emphasis on the Knowledge Management Division (KMD) under the Capacity Building and Knowledge Management Service (CBKMS) tasked to lead the PPP Center's KM program. The consultant is expected to improve the existing KM program within the PPP Center and capacitate the various officials and staff on the value of KM and its indisputable role in fulfilling the PPP Center's mandate as the champion of PPPs in the Philippines. Finally, the consultant is expected to employ all its resources, network, skills, and expertise in developing and facilitating a working medium-term KM program for the PPP Center.


ADB 21 000  USD 3 Aug 2020 9 Aug 2020
Belgique-Bruxelles: Fourniture de prestations de déménagement, de manutention et de services associés Tender / Procurement notice

Le marché porte sur la fourniture de prestations de déménagement, de manutention et de services associés pour le complexe des bâtiments du Parlement européen à Bruxelles. Le contractant s'engagera à mettre occasionnellement à disposition un élévateur extérieur pour chargement et déchargement de marchandises à la demande du Parlement européen.


EC   3 Aug 2020 30 Sep 2020
Grid Reinforcement Project - PIC-01 Project Implementation Consultants Tender / Procurement notice

This project is focused on the Grid Reinforcement Project that is to improve transmission network capacity and stability. The Grid Reinforcement has two main objectives such as 1. expand and reinforce the electricity transmission infrastructure by constructing 115kV and 230kV transmission lines and associated substations in Phnom Penh, Kampong Chhnang, Kampong Cham, and Takeo provinces and 2. introduce as a pilot the first utility-scale battery energy storage system to understand the performance of the technology and assess different business models for (a) renewable capacity firming, (b) ancillary services, and (c) transmission congestions relief and investment deferral as a combined set of services.


ADB 2 619 420  USD 3 Aug 2020 1 Sep 2020
Consultancy Services for Implementation of Two (2) x 200 kW Mini-Hydro Power Plants in Eastern Highland Province, Papua New Guinea. Request for proposal

The objective of this assignment is to successfully conduct feasibility studies, design, cost and installation oftwo (2)mini hydro power plants (with capacities of up to 200 kW); one in Gotomi and one in Miruma, Eastern Highland Province, Papua New Guinea. The feasibility will include site specific environmental and socio-economic impact assessments.

Papua New Guinea

GEF, UNDP   3 Aug 2020 17 Aug 2020