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Heilongjiang Green Urban and Economic Revitalization Project - CS3B(Jixi) External Resettlement and Social Monitoring and External Environment Monitoring Consulting Services (Jixi subproject) Tender / Procurement notice

The external monitor will (i) assess the effectiveness, impacts and sustainability of land acquisition, compensation, and resettlement measures as specified in the Jixi RP; (ii) determine whether such activities have met the safeguard policy requirements of the project; and (iii) extract and highlight lessons for future social safeguard policy formulation and project planning. All data and analysis will be disaggregated by gender, if applicable.


ADB 239 925  USD 19 Sep 2019 3 Oct 2019
General Education Modernization Project Action plan / Procurement plan

The development objective of General Education Modernization Project for Sri Lanka is to enhance quality and strengthen stewardship of the general education system. This project has three components. 1) The first component, Enhancing Quality and Strengthening Stewardship of Primary and Secondary Education, aims to support the implementation of activities aims at enhancing quality and strengthening stewardship of primary and secondary education. It has the following six subcomponents: (i) Curriculum Modernization and Diversification; (ii) Teacher Development; (iii) System Level Quality Assessment; (i) Enhanced Program for School Improvement; (v) Strengthening Education Leadership and Management; and (vi) Promoting Social Equity and Inclusion through Education. ...

Sri Lanka

WB 2 900 000 000  USD 19 Sep 2019
National IT Consultant (Safeguards) Re-advertisement / Re-launch

Scope of Work 3. A national consultant on information technology (IT) will be based at the ADB Headquarters for 4 person-months, intermittently from 23 September 2019 to 31 December 2019 and would be responsible for developing and programming the initial design of the CWRD Safeguards Monitoring System.


ADB 7 883  USD 19 Sep 2019 25 Sep 2019
Improving labour market access of disadvantaged groups through social enterprises and active labour market measures Call for proposals / Grant notice

The global objective of this call for proposals is to increase employability, sustainable employment prospects for disadvantaged groups, namely youth and women in Kosovo.


EC 3 500 000  EUR 19 Sep 2019 11 Nov 2019
Turkey-Ankara: IPA - Construction of Bi?smi?l Wastewater Treatment Plant and Collectors Update

Works Section 1: Construction of Bismil Wastewater Treatment Plant: The main works to be carried out are as follows: — design and build of approximately 12 500 m3/d average flow rate capacity wastewater treatment plant with activated sludge process for nitrogen and phosphorus removal. Sludge stabilization shall be accomplished within the activated sludge tanks... Works Section 2: Construction of Wastewater Collection: The works contract mainly comprises such wastewater collection works under works Section 2: — construction of approximately 25 km of wastewater collectors, approximately 500 manholes and 470 parcels manholes...


EC   19 Sep 2019 1 Oct 2019