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RECRUITMENT OF A NATIONAL PROCUREMENT EXPERT Request / Invitation for expression of interest

EUCL intends to engage the services of an individual consultant to be responsible for coordinating and streamlining procurement operations of the institution and skills transfer through capacity building in respect of the Country Procurement System, Company procurement Manuals as well as various Donors' Procurement Policies and guidelines.


BTC   19 Oct 2018 31 Oct 2018
Operational support expertise to support the EAD Operations Manager in the NMD/NS/EAIM Unit Tender / Procurement notice

The objectives of this Call for Tenders are: -To provide continuous expertise support to the current EAD Data Operations service provision; -To ensure the overall quality, timeliness and consistency of aeronautical information/data in EAD service; -To support maintenance of the EASA certificate of EAD by performing the related tasks that require the Operational input (e.g. Operational input for CAP development and implementation; documentation review, etc.);

Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands

EUCON   19 Oct 2018 19 Nov 2018
Support to Upper Secondary Reform in Brazil Operation Action plan / Procurement plan

The development objective of the Support to the Upper Secondary Education Reform Operation Project for Brazil is to strengthen the capacity of the state secretariats of education to implement the upper secondary reform, prioritizing vulnerable schools, and to increase the index of basic education development in targeted fulltime upper secondary schools in Brazil’s territory. This operation is consistent with the emerging priorities of the new Brazil country partnership framework (CPF) for the Federative Republic of Brazil in which the education sector is explicitly mentioned as a key area of intervention within the first focus area - fiscal consolidation and government effectiveness. The program complies with the criteria for prioritizing the World Bank engagement by combining government demand with the World Bank’s comparative advantage. The design and implementation of the upper secondary education reform require a focus on institutions and capacity building, as well as incentives for achieving results. The program has three key indicators: (a) number of states where at least 40 percent of schools have implemented the new curricula; (b) number of states where at least 50 percent of vulnerable schools have implemented the new curricula; and (c) percentage change in the basic education development index (IDEB) in targeted full-time school (FTS).


WB 250 000 000  USD 19 Oct 2018
Hayat Kimya  Early intelligence

Hayat Kimya Sanayi A.S. (Hayat Kimya or the Company) is a leading fast moving consumer good company in Turkey engaged in the manufacturing of (i) personal care (baby care, lady care and adult incontinence products), (ii) family care (facial and bath tissues, kitchen towels, napkins etc.); and (iii) fabric/home care products (detergent, softener, cleaning liquids etc.). Hayat Kimya holds prominent market positions in most markets it serves. In addition to its home country (Turkey), the Company has manufacturing assets in five other countries in the EMENA region (Egypt, Iran, Algeria, Nigeria and Russia).

Russian Federation, Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria, Iran Islamic Republic, Turkey

IFC   19 Oct 2018
Deployable Shelters & Generators (ISTAR) Request for proposal

SCOPE OF PURCHASE ORDER: Provision of four Deployable "Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance" (ISTAR) Shelters and Generators.


NATO   19 Oct 2018 19 Nov 2018